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Defibtech Quick-Combo Zoll Adapter


DDP-100 to Zoll M-series Adapter



AED Accessories – Defibtech Quick-Combo Zoll Adapter

Adapters, such as the Defibtech Lifeline Quick-Combo Adapter for Zoll defibrillators, are an exceptional example of AED accessories and can make all the difference in saving a life.

  • Connect electrode pads from a Defibtech Lifeline AED to any Zoll defibrillators.
  • Respond to an emergency even when using two different brands.
  • Great to have on hand for first responders or other medical professionals.

You’ve been trained in responding to an emergency. You know the steps and you know how to stay calm. But if you don’t have the AED accessories available to make defibrillation possible, you could be stuck — and a life could be at risk. With this Quick-Combo Zoll adapter, you won’t have to worry about that situation even happening, because this adapter can connect Defibtech electrode pads with a Zoll defibrillator. Ideal for professional rescuers, it’s a good day to outfit your medical clinic or vehicle with all the necessary AED accessories. Order your Defibtech Quick-Combo Zoll adapter today from In-Pulse CPR.

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