Roster blunder

Here are a few of some recent issues we’ve been having concerning rosters lately. What blunder are you guilty of?

  • No test scores
  • HC Certs being accepted at the class. They need to be emailed to us.
  • Names crossed off that were in attendance
  • Incorrect count or no count before emailing.
  • Wrong online certification but skilled out anyway
  • Not sending page 2 of roster
  • Not sending them immediately after the class.
  • No notes when there is a problem with a student
  • Not collecting voucher (is the student being told to contact the office or that they will not receive a card w/o it)
  • Hand written rosters on a blank piece of paper instead of roster form with no information but student name and score.
  • Hand written emails for students not on the roster or changes that are not legible.

It’s very time consuming tracking down the information that should be on the roster. All of these issues hold up the processing of student cards.


Irene Nieman
Irene is our office admin and in-house notary. She’s been with In-Pulse CPR since 2019. She loves dogs and usually has a few hanging out in her office during the day, She calls it therapy. Irene is married and has been raising her three teenage granddaughters. When not at work she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.