New Instructors: If you have completed our one-day In-Pulse CPR taught American Heart instructor class and wish to align with our Training Center (TC) you must agree to our terms and conditions as noted in your instructor handbook and pay your alignment fee below.

Expiring Instructors: To check your membership status, log into your account and click on ‘My Membership‘ in your dashboard.  When paying the alignment fee make sure you are still logged in to avoid creating a duplicate account.  Once paid, your alignment will be extended for another two years.

This alignment may be revoked at any time if terms and conditions are not met. The alignment fee is non-refundable. Alignment and membership are synonymous with each other when referring to your relationship with In-Pulse CPR.  If you are a Training Site please contact our office first before paying the fee for additional clarification.  A Training Site is five or more instructors in the same organization.