Certified Nursing Assistant

Our CNA Prep Class prepares students to pass the Florida’s Board of Nursing assistant state exam

All CNA classes are conveniently located at our classroom:
Rapid CNA 7115 US Hwy 19, New Port Richey, FL 34652.

Are you tired of your current job situation?  Taking charge of your career and becoming a CNA can open up new opportunities and benefits.

Take these three steps to start on a path to a new career as a Certified Nursing Assistant!

Our program could allow you to be A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in as little as two weeks.

Step 1 –  Take a CNA Prep
Class with In-Pulse

Classes are very affordable at only $225* (18 hours of classroom), plus as an added bonus, includes your required BLS CPR Certification.

*State exam and background check costs are extra

Step 2 – Study and Review

We’re here to help you succeed. Free hands-on skills, just arrange with one of our instructors.

Yes, this is hard work, but we will help make it easier.

Step 3 – Pass your
Florida State Exam

No surprises. We will make you well prepared.

Pass the first time, that is our goal!

Ready to Get Started?

Start by Choosing your three day class session.

Each Class lasts 6 hours, All 3 sessions are necessary.

All classes are conveniently located at our classroom at:
Rapid CNA 7115 US Hwy 19, New Port Richey, FL 34652

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Where do I go from here?

Step up to something better

Opportunity to Specialize

Being a CNA is a fantastic way to start a more specialized nursing career should you choose to do so. You could study on to become a registered nurse (RN) or you could specialize in fields such as surgery or pediatric care. Being a CNA is a great way to become familiar with the healthcare world and decide where you want to go from there.

One of the best things about training for a CNA career through In-Pulse Rapid CNA program is that it only takes a couple weeks. Other options, like nursing or medical schools will take months and can cost you thousands of dollars more just to gain the same credentials our program will help you achieve. In-Pulse makes it easy to move from training in to gaining your certification. Our course includes a total of 32 hours of classroom time. You can learn at your own pace (4 classes in one week) or take it slower (1 class a week, for 4 weeks). Our prices are also very affordable; at only $75 for your first class session, you can continue to work your other job while you pursue this exciting new career.

Tampa Bay has a need for more entry level medical positions. CNA Classes offered weekly.

CNA jobs are in high demand. What does that mean? Well, once you pass your training and then your state exam, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a new job. Why continue working in a fast food, retail, or other less desirable employment when something better could be just right around the corner.
So if your thinking about a new career, why not now? Many CNA’s go on to even better, more rewarding careers. Becoming a CNA is the first step. Why not today?

Stop working that dead-end job and secure your future!


Your future can start now.  Follow your dream to a better career.  CNA’s are in high demand and can lead you into employment at hospitals, senior facilities, medical clinics, doctors offices, or even rehab centers.  Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant can also become a stepping stone for advancing to another career path in the ever growing medical field.

Why Choose Us For Your CNA Training

Looking to expand your horizons or secure a future-proof job in an ever growing industry? We understand, In-Pulse trains over 12,000 students a year and is a leader in healthcare training in the Tampa Bay area. We are also a multi-state American Heart Training Center with the staff and resources to make a difference in the communities we serve.