5 Reasons To Get CPR Certified

While we recognize that it would be far easier to enumerate the short list of reasons why you shouldn’t get CPR certification, we thought that it would be sending the wrong message. So instead, we’re covering what we think are 5 of the best — and there are many to choose from — reasons to consider getting your CPR certification.

At In-Pulse CPR, we provide CPR certifications of varying levels as well as first aid training, AED training, and online sales of emergency response devices and equipment. To learn more about the best reasons to look at getting CPR certified, continue reading. 

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Meet Your Employment Guidelines

While this one seems kind of like a no-brainer, there are hundreds of people who work in the healthcare industry each year who allow their CPR certification to lapse. While some of these folks may only have a lapse of a few days because training schedules didn’t line up quite perfectly, others are ending up with unpaid leave. In some cases, these expired CPR certifications can cause tremendous liability issues for individuals and businesses if an individual with a lapsed certification continues to remain in their role.

To make sure that you are staying up to date on the most recent techniques and best practices, as well as the ensure that you are remaining credentialed and protecting yourself, your employer, and the people who you are there to help, mark your expiration date on the calendar and make sure to have another training course scheduled by the 90-day mark.

Be Confident When An Emergency Happens

CPR certification is applicable to a lot more situations than just those that involve a heart attack, someone choking, or another breathing or heart health emergency.

When you go through a CPR certification course, you receive training in determining how to evaluate the safety of a scene, what kinds of things to prioritize — such as delegating tasks and contacting emergency medical services — and provide you with the confidence that you need to face an emergency situation when it happens. Most people panic and freeze, not because they don’t care or aren’t compassionate, but rather because they simply have no frame of reference for where to begin and how to get started.  

Save Someone You Love

Speaking of an emergency situation, what if that person who finds themself in an emergency is someone you care deeply about — a partner, a family member, a friend? One of the most tragic situations that anyone can ever face is the death or injury of a loved one in their presence and the burning, consuming question, “Is there something more I could have done?”

In most cases, the tough truth is, yes, you could have done more. However, you can only be expected to step up and perform if you have the confidence, the training, and the resources you need in the moment that you need them. 

CPR certification empowers you to protect the wellbeing, and possibly even the life, of your loved ones in all kinds of emergency situations, including choking, unconsciousness, heart attacks, and more.

Learn Something New

Sure, learning CPR grants you a lot of important skills and knowledge that can save a life under certain circumstances. However, for lots of people, the value placed on gaining new knowledge is enough to entice them to sign up for a CPR class and get their certifications.

CPR certification is a great way to justify exploring your curiosity, learning something new, and feeling confident that the time you invested into learning is time well spent — time that might make all the difference for someone in your life down the road.

Make A Difference

Assuming that you are the person who finds themself in an emergency medical situation where a working knowledge of CPR and the confidence to get started assisting someone, you immediately become a difference maker, whether you like it or not. If you have the tools to assess and assist while help is on the way, you might just be giving that person the greatest gift they have received — a second chance at life.

Get CPR Certified With In-Pulse CPR Today 

Have we convinced you yet? If not, we encourage you to keep exploring your curiosity about CPR with the knowledge that you can have fun while training up, prepare yourself to protect your loved ones, and become a difference maker for the better in a knife’s edge situation where a life may be on the line. When you’re ready, sign up for one of our CPR certification courses at a location near you in Florida, Minnesota, or Pennsylvania.