What Our Past Students Had to Say...

First Aid Courses, AED Training, Bloodborne Pathogen Training and CPR Certification
Mollie is passionate about teaching
Our Instructors are Passionate about Teaching CPR

Whether from our CPR certification courses, first aid training, or other classes we offer, we receive testimonials like these at every class we teach:

  • Overall the best CPR experience ever!
  • Best CPR class I've had in 15 yrs of being certified. Love real-word examples!
  • I had a better explanation with Mollie than any other I have had.
  • Best class I have attended for CPR!
  • Good value, kept students engaged.
  • I have taken CPR at least ten times in my life – this has been the best training and presentation by far.
  • The instructions were very thorough, interesting, and I learned a lot. The assistants were excellent.
  • The training was excellent.
  • Best CPR class ever, seriously I actually learned and can remember. Great work!
  • I enjoyed the class. Straight to the point.


And these responses are not unique. We have hundreds more we could post here. Each student completes an evaluation at the conclusion of every class. The instructor is rated on a scale of 1 to 5  on these questions:

1.) The instructor answered my questions.

2.) My instructor communicated clearly.

3.) There was enough equipment available for everyone to practice skills.

4.) I can apply the skills I learned.

5.) I would recommend this course to others.

From our testimonials, we know that we receive the highest marks, 97 percent of the time, on every question! You can feel confident knowing that a CPR certification or first aid course or bloodborne pathogen training will not only provide you the information you need, but grant you a top-notch experience that will make a significant difference—in your life, and potentially others' as well.



Here are more comments from our students...


  • Waverly from Minnesota -The instructor created a welcoming and positive environment that encouraged everyone to participate.
  • Chandra from Minnesota - I learn something new everytime and it is simple enough to understand.
  • Brook from Minnesota - The instructor did an amazing job explaining, re-explaining and then physically showing all steps of CPR.  I have taken CPR classes before, but feel I learned even more from this class.
  • Morgan from Florida - Instructor was great! Learned a ton & will definitely be practicing the steps at home.
  • Ana from Florida - I really enjoyed the class.  Thank you. Excellent information and practice opportunities.
  • Claudia from Florida - Instructor makes the course interesting and fun. Most of all, he is informative.
  • Joanne from Pennsylvania - Great course.  I feel confident that I could be helpful in an emergency.
  • Carolyn from PennsylvaniaKept a good pace & drew out good participation from students.  Organized and clear in instruction.
  • Ruth in Pennsylvania - Excellent low stress course.  I feel confident in my skills.
  • From Alecia (RN) in  Pennsylvania - Instructor communicated well, extremely friendly and knowledgeable.  The course was well organized and ran smoothly. Emphasis on learning key components in good atmosphere. Instructor funny and down to earth.
  • From Debra (Dentist) in Philadelphia PA - I was very satisfied with our instructor.  She made sure that we could apply what we learned and gave constructive feedback.
  • Jacque (RN) Rochester, MN - This was one of the most thorough and informative BLS courses I’ve attended.  Instructor was very good. She spoke loud and lear and answered all questions...GREAT!
  • Paul (RN) Blaine, MN - This course is very helpful and I recommend to all and teens. Instructor was credible.
  • Molly (Pharmacist) Pennsylvania - I thought the instructor was easy to comprehend and well taught.   Will use In-Pulse for future recertification.
  • Barbara (EKG Tech) Florida - All equipment in good working condition, instructor gave various examples and stories true to life.  Great personality. Able to engage classroom participation.
  • Ashley (Dental Hygienist)  Tampa - Very good and informative class. Kept the lass involved and interesting an explained everything very well!!
  • Darlene ( office mgr.) Tampa - Instructor was very interesting and thorough.  Gave good examples and information.  My best CPR class that I have taken!  Thank you
  • Mallory (nursing student)  Rochester, MN - I enjoyed the instructor’s way of teaching.  She did not just rea from a book or slides. She was interactive and passionate.  Bet CPR class I’ve ever taken.
  • Anthony (Radiologic Tech) Ocala, FL - Very energetic instructor.  Good use of time-management. Very effective and motivated instructor. His experience and education shined through.
  • Rita (RN) Brooklyn Park, MN - Very knowledgeable instructor.  Loved his class the last 2 times I took it!  Explain good examples of cases & what to do for them.
  • Amelia (Operations specialist) St Petersburg, FL - The instructor was animated and gave very detailed explanations.  She kept the classes attention and kept us laughing while we learned.  I will definitely remember what I learned in this class.  Although I hope I never have to use these skills, I will be confident ad prepared if I do.