Babysitters in Pennsylvania should know the Importance of Learning Effective CPR

For parents, finding the ideal babysitter can be a lot like looking for the Holy Grail. It’s quite an adventure, attempting to find someone who not only provides a comfortable environment for your children, but also puts your mind at rest about the concept of leaving your loved ones with someone else.

If you believe that there’s nothing more to babysitting than simply putting on a movie and relaxing while the child you are meant to be caring for is playing out of the way, then the chances are you need to reassess your concept of the job, and steer clear of the occupation if you were considering a career in childcare. Babysitters are there to ensure your child remains safe and secure when you’re not around, and as such they need to possess a basic understanding of their responsibilities, as well as how they should react in case of a sudden emergency.

Finding a Qualified Babysitter in Pennsylvania

Any parent who decides to leave their child at home and unattended in Pennsylvania may have to be prepared to face charges of neglect. Although there is no set minimum for the age at which children are allowed to be legally left alone at home, a parent is responsible for understanding when their child is capable of properly looking after him or herself without supervision.

The official website of Eerie County in Pennsylvania recommends that a child should never be left at home alone if they are under 10 years of age, but parents will need to consider just how safe their neighborhood is, as well as how capable their child is, before they make a decision.

Although Pennsylvania law does not provide a minimum age for how old a babysitter should be, it is vital that parents consider just how capable an individual is going to be should an emergency happen. Think about the safety of your child and ask yourself whether you feel comfortable leaving someone that you love alone without an individual who is capable of performing CPR in times of distress. There are dozens of courses available for CPR training that a babysitter can take in order to give themselves the extra qualifications to put your mind at ease. Parents like to know that their babysitter is well-educated in health and safety, and well-prepared, should the worst happen.

Don’t be Accused of Neglect

Because the state laws do not outline a minimum age, whether a child being left alone without a suitable babysitter is considered to be neglect will depend on the circumstances of the situation. However, regardless of the legal repercussions you could face, why would you take the chance? Having someone there to care for your child when you’re not around who you can rely on to make the right decisions in case of an emergency could be the difference of life or death for your child and perhaps indefinite anguish for you.

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