Tampa Babysitters Need to Understand CPR before They Take on an Assignment

Be Prepared – Obtain the Necessary CPR and First Aid Training

Any Florida babysitter, 12 years of age or older, should be well-prepared before taking on a babysitting assignment. Therefore, your basic understanding of your responsibilities should also include first aid safety training and CPR. After all, children suffer from strains and sprains and can easily get into trouble in a Florida pool. So, you can’t walk into a babysitting assignment without the proper knowlteen-babysitedge in this respect.


Customized Offerings

CPR and First aid courses in Florida, which are especially designed for babysitters, are offered by In-Pulse CPR, a local American Heart Association Training Center.  In fact, In-Pulse CPR features customized four to six-hour CPR and first aid classes (Monday through Saturday) for groups of 5 or more as well as 100’s of  public classes for individuals each year across the state.


American Red Cross Courses

The American Red Cross, another option, offers a 9.5 hour babysitter’s course, which includes CPR and pediatric first aid instruction as well as a two-year certification program in CPR and pediatric first aid. A digital certificate is issued upon completion.


CPR Training is Essential for Managing an Unexpected Emergency

 Babysitters who take first aid and CPR training are able to handle emergencies and make decisions under pressure. Emergency topics include managing first aid and the proper techniques to use when performing CPR.


A Basic Introduction to CPR and First Aid

In the Florida area, it is especially important that babysitters learn CPR as children are exposed to a number of possible hazards, such as natural water areas or swimming pools. Therefore, heartsaver CPR and heartsaver first aid classes are ideal curriculum’s for babysitters to take. Required for childcare workers in each of the 50 states, these curriculum’s introduce students to basic first aid, and CPR and AED.


Subjects that are Covered

Class participants learn what to do if they find that a young child or infant has problems breathing and how to give compressions and breaths to younger children and babies. Sitters learn how to stop visible bleeding and provide care for children that are asthmatic as well.

Learn How to Assess an Emergency

These kinds of courses allow students to participate interactively in discussions and simulations. Therefore, babysitters can get first-hand knowledge on how to competently assess an emergency situation immediately.


American Heart Association Approved

In Florida, the heartsaver CPR AED course is video-based and led by a seasoned instructor. CPR and AED instruction is emphasized as well as airway obstruction education. Individuals with limited or no health care training are encouraged to take the training. Therefore, heartsaver CPR and heartsaver first aid training makes it possible for anyone of any age to attend. The American Heart Association approved training program offers certification for two years.


Be Well-Equipped: Sign Up for a CPR and Pediatric First Aid Today

So, whether you live in Clearwater, Orlando, or Ft Myers, you can receive pediatric CPR and first aid training in minimal time. Take the training first and you will receive more babysitting assignments. Most importantly, you will be better equipped to handle any possible emergencies.


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