Young Rochester Boy Found Unresponsive at Bottom of Pool, Two peers credited in Saving.

This life-saving event happened in Rochester, Minnesota, when a quick responding 13-year old boy saved the life of another child who was drowning in the swimming pool they were both swimming in.

The lifesaving boy, Cody Runyan, stated he was swimming in the pool when he suddenly noticed there was a child just lying at the bottom of the pool.  He quickly swam down to the child and grabbed him around the waist and carried him up to the surface of the water. Another boy nearby saw him struggling at his attempts to get the drowning victim out of the pool, so he ran over and helped get the victim out of the pool.

Once the child was safely out of the pool, a third rescuer, Desiree Pasko, began the CPR save on the child.  Pasko started chest compressions and rescue breathing just as she had been taught in her life saving CPR class.  Eventually, the child’s face went from a blue tint to having a little pink in his cheeks.  Desiree gave a few more puffs of breath and turned him over on his side—praying he would cough and vomit—which he did!  Both Desiree and Cody were so excited to discover their life saving efforts had saved the child.

CPR training is a valuable tool that everyone should have, and has CPR classes that are forming now in the Minnesota, Florida, and Pennsylvania states.  If Desiree had not been familiar with the CPR procedure, the outcome of the above CPR Save would not have been quite so happy.  Register now for a CPR / First Aid class today.  The life you could be saving may be someone you love, or even a child/person that is in danger.  Life is precious, therefore, we need to do everything we can to preserve and protect it and perform any life saving techniques to prolong it.


Teresa Jenkins