5 Reasons Why you should become a CPR Instructor

Work for yourself

Upcoming Instructor class dates in Florida are listed below.

Becoming an American Heart Instructor:  You believe in the tremendous importance of CPR classes, and you have learned a lot by participating in these courses. If you are passionate about training and helping others, now is a great time to consider taking the next step and becoming an American Heart instructor. Once you complete your training, you’ll be able to take advantage of attractive benefits. Here are some of the reasons why becoming an American Heart instructor could be the perfect fit for you.

You can set your own schedule.

Flexibility is an important benefit to today’s job seekers, and working as a CPR instructor offers the schedule flexibility that you’ve been searching for. Once you are a certified instructor, you can choose the location, dates, and times of your classes. Teach classes on weekday evenings for busy parents, or schedule sessions during the day in corporate environments.

Get support and guidance from your Training Center

You can add impressive experience to your resume.

You want to give yourself every advantage in today’s competitive job market. If you are already working as a health professional, your current and potential employers will appreciate seeing the American Heart Instructor certification on your resume. This certification does not only mean that you are a CPR expert; it also shows that you have experience in teaching, speaking in front of a group, and instructing a class. Employers in a wide range of settings value these skills.

You set your own schedule

You can enjoy networking opportunities.

As we chat with those who are currently working as American Heart instructors, we find that many of them have made valuable connections through their classes. CPR certification is a requirement for all medical professionals, so you’ll have students from medical facilities throughout our local area. Whether you are looking for a new job now or sometime in the future, it’s helpful to have connections with medical professionals from a variety of specialties.

You can enjoy extra income.

Organizations ranging from schools to recreation departments realize the importance of providing quality CPR training for their employees. As they pay for these courses, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefit of extra income. Even if you only teach for part-time hours, you can earn additional funds for vacations, holiday gifts, and more.

You can make a life-changing difference.

We’ve saved the most important benefit of working as a CPR instructor for last. The process of teaching is rewarding, and it is even more so when the methods you are sharing can change lives. You’ll love seeing students leave your classes feeling empowered to act confidently in emergency situations. As your students go out into their families, work places, and communities, they have the power to save lives thanks to your careful instruction.

Classes available

Instructor class less than $300

In-Pulse CPR offers affordable CPR instructor courses in the Tampa, Florida area

We have students drive from all corners of the state that attend our classes.  Check out our available class dates below. We recommend that you enroll as early as possible since classes fill up quickly.

The steps are simple – get started today!

  1. Be accepted by your local AHA Training Center – The good news is In-Pulse CPR is an AHA Training Center (TC) and is currently accepting instructor alignments in Florida.
  2. Have a non-expired valid CPR BLS and / or Heartsaver certification. Expired, don’t have one?
  3. Sign up, attend, and successfully complete the classroom Instructor Course.  Call us at 813-343-4024 for information about our next class.
  4. Successfully be monitored teaching your first course within six months of completing Instructor Course. Training Center Coordinators can require additional monitoring.

Upcoming Instructor Class Dates

Events in January–June 2021

  • There are no events scheduled during this period.

Laura Crider


Laura Crider