She “was not responding” to CPR

This weekend I was home watching TV, flipping through the channels, when a program caught my attention. This program was reviewing the case of a gentleman who had lost his wife in a diving “accident”.  They were trying the evidence presented at his trial.  His apparent lack of emotions,  the situation that left her alone in the water for a period of time and other topics were covered.  The part that stuck in my mind the most was the part where they asked the husband if he had performed CPR on his wife, and for how long.

He said he had performed CPR on her for a few minutes, but discontinued because she “was not responding”.  “I wasn’t going to waste time on someone who was unresponsive” was what he said.  I felt so sad. Either he was just a “jerk” or he really didn’t know the “what” and “why” of CPR.  CPR is NOT performed on someone who is responsive,  most rescuers will NOT see a response from their measures. Responses come (if they are going to happen) with the assistance of an AED and the medical professionals at the hospital.

It is so very important that people learn proper CPR and the importance of performing it.  Knowing the “how” is important, but also the “why” and “what”.   PLEASE, if you take a CPR class, don’t leave unless you understand the reasons as well as the technique.   I know for a fact that you will not leave uninformed from an In-Pulse CPR course.




Carol Theis

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