CPR Training Classes in Albertville Minnesota

In-Pulse CPR offers community CPR certification classes in Albertville occasionally.  Please check our calendar by clicking on the link below to view dates and times.  These classes are taught through the American Heart Association.


Calendar link

 We also offer classes in nearby St Cloud and Elk River.


Note:  If you are registered for a class in this area – please do not rely on the address below as class locations occasionally change.  Please refer to your registration email for the correct address information.

Albertville, MN

DIRECTIONS:  Lamplight Drive connects with Labeaux Ave NE (19) below 67th St/W Laketowne Drive.  After turning onto Lamplight Drive from Labeaux Ave NE you’ll pass Laketowne Pl on the left and then see Country Inn and Suites on the right]

LANDMARKS:     Very close to School Lake and near D Michael B’s Resort Bar, Across 19 from “Outlets at Albertville”


Location staff will direct you to the meeting room.