Why Parents Should Learn Infant CPR

We often hear the word CPR used in casual conversation in child care centers or in hospitals. CPR is short for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This lifesaving measure is performed when a child or adult has stopped breathing or the heart stops beating. This may happen after certain incidents, such as an injury, choking, suffocation, heart attack, or drowning.

Rescuing an Infant

This rescue effort, when performed on children who are infants, is critical when a baby is having trouble with respiration. In this case, CPR is normally directed to resolve a breathing problem rather than a heart condition. Usually, in these cases, CPR is administered if an infant is choking. CPR should begin immediately.

Following the Format

If someone else is available at the scene, he or she should be directed to call 911 and locate an AED, or automated external defibrillator. Five sets of CPR should be performed before getting additional help. One set consists of 30 compressions followed by two breaths.

If a second rescuer returns with the AED, he or she should follow the prompts on the defibrillator and apply the pads. If you find that the infant is not breathing, is unresponsive or gasping for air, CPR should always be performed.

What Infant CPR Covers

Infant CPR covers medical emergency aid for children 0 to 12 months old. This form of CPR is almost identical to the CPR given to older children.

Therefore, CPR is a combination of chest compressions and rescue breaths, known as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. CPR is designed to restore oxygen-rich blood to the brain. When oxygen is not present, brain damage or death can occur in under eight minutes.

When Infant CPR is Typically Needed

Besides choking incidents, infant CPR is used for infants in near-drowning incidents or for victims who have succumbed to smoke inhalation or poisoning. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) can also be prevented through the use of CPR.

Why You Should Enroll in a Course

While you can read about this rescue measure as a parent, you should learn the details of performing CPR by enrolling in a course. While CPR should begin immediately, you still need to determine if it should be performed. This is done by checking the person’s breathing or degree of response.

You owe it to your child to learn CPR, as it only takes eight minutes for anyone with breathing difficulties to lose consciousness or die. What you do to protect your child is just as important as what you don’t do. Therefore, taking a CPR course is a wise course of action.

Why Not Host a CPR Party?

In fact, if you know other parents in your neighborhood with infants, why not ask them to attend a CPR party. Schedule an instructor to show you how to give infant CPR. You can even ask your babysitter to participate. This is a great way to emphasize the importance of life support and infant care. Keep in mind, many instructors (for safety reasons) won’t come to your house, so plan on finding a community space to use like your church or a meeting room at your local library. Often you can use this space without cost.

Reviewing the Steps

When giving CPR to an infant, the following should be practiced.

1. Clear the area to ensure the infant’s safety.

2. Shout and tap to make sure the infant is not responding.

3. Yell for help. If another person is present, have him or her call 911 and locate an AED.

4. Check the infant’s breathing.

5. Five sets of 30 compressions followed by two breaths should be given to unresponsive infants who have stopped breathing, and are gasping for air.

6. Call 911 if it has not already been done.

7. Resume manual CPR.

Applying Chest Compressions

When compressions are given, you need to push in the same manner as you would do when giving CPR to a child or adult. Position the infant on a hard and firm surface. This makes the process simpler. When giving compressions, do the following:

1.  After positioning the infant on a firm, level, and hard surface, move any clothes away from the chest.

2. Place two fingers of one hand on the breastbone, just under the line of the nipple.

3. Push down about 1.5 inches or 4 centimeters, at about 100 beats per minute.

4. Permit the chest to recoil before resuming the compressions.

Because performing compressions can be tiring, it is helpful to switch with another person every couple minutes to ensure continued care.

Opening Up the Airway and Giving Breaths

Because most CPR cases involve respiratory problems, it helps to provide breaths. Giving breaths and administering compressions to the chest are both important. A good breath will raise the chest.

Opening Up the Airway

To open up an infant’s airways, you need to do the following:

1. Place one hand on the victim’s forehead,

2. Place a finger on the chin’s bony section.

3. Gently tilt back the head and lift the chin.

Important Note: Never tilt the head too far back as doing so will block the airway. Also, press the bony part of the infant’s chin instead of the soft part, as doing so can also block airflow.

Giving Breaths

Once the airway is opened, you can give breaths.

1. Take a deep breath and seal your mouth over the baby’s nose and mouth.

2. Blow for a quick second, watching the chest rise. Only a very small volume of air will inflate a baby’s lungs. Don’t blow too hard, as this can damage the lungs. Only a small exhalation of air is required of an infant.

3. Repeat, giving a second breath.

If the chest does not rise after giving the first breath, you will need to re-open the airway, tilting the head while lifting the chin. Try to get a breath while looking for the chest to rise. Do not postpone compressions more than ten seconds when you are giving breaths.

Using a Mask

While giving breaths is usually safe, a mask, if available, should be used. A mask is designed to fit over the victims’ nose and mouth. Just make sure the mask fits properly. Otherwise, a reliable seal cannot be obtained and any effort at giving breaths will prove to be ineffective.

How to Use the Mask

When using a mask to give breaths, follow the steps below:

1. Place the mask over the baby’s nose and mouth,

2. Open the airway, gently tilting back the head and lifting the chin.

3. Make sure the seal is secure between the face and mask.

4. Give a breath quickly and watch for the chest rise.

When Choking Occurs

Choking happens when a foreign object or piece of food lodges in the throat, blocking the airway. Quickly perform back slapping and chest thrusts. Choking may be mild or severe.

A Mild Obstruction

If the obstruction is mild, the infant may be breathing but could be wheezing. He or she may also cough or produce a similar noise. In this instance, stay with the baby and attempt to calm him or her.

A Severe Obstruction

If the obstruction is severe, the infant will appear weak and will not cough. He or she normally will not be able to talk and may, instead, produce a high-pitched sound. The baby may also appear cyanotic, or show a blue color around the fingertips or around the lips. In this instance, time is of the essence. Act fast and follow the CPR steps.

Relieving Choking

To relive choking, do the following:

1. Hold the baby on your lap, face down, with the head lower than the victim’s chest. The baby should be resting against your forearm, which is placed upon your thigh.

2. Support the baby’s neck and head with your hand, making sure to not place throat pressure.

3. Provide five back slaps between the baby’s shoulder blades, using the heel of your hand.

4. Use both arms and hands and turn the infant toward you so he or she rests on your other arm, which is now placed on your thigh.

5. Use two fingers in the same way you do for administer CPR and provide quick-timed chest thrusts.

6. If the obstruction is still there, turn the baby face down on your forearm, repeating the steps.

7. Continue with this measure until the baby starts to breathe or lacks a response.

Remove the Object If you Can Do So

If you see a piece of food or foreign object in the child’s mouth, remove it if it can be done. Don’t sweep the victim’s mouth with your finger, as you may push the object toward the air passage. After removing the object, wait and check for breathing.

If an infant does not respond, position him or her on a flat and firm surface, yelling for assistance. At this point, check for breaths before beginning CPR. After 30 compressions, open up the air passage, seeking the foreign object. If you see the object, remove it and try to respirate with two breaths.

Infants do not respond when they stop squirming in your arms and take on a limp appearance. Chest compressions and giving breaths must the practiced if the infant stops moving in the interim.

In Conclusion –

As you can see, the above steps can become involved and therefore are important to know. Don’t overlook the importance of learning a life-saving procedure. Doing so will make it possible for you to mange any emergency with more confidence. Learning CPR takes a minimal amount of time, especially when you consider that it can save a life.




Students Rally for CPR Requirements

We all know that children are the future of our country and our world. Too often, we hear about the negative things that young people are doing, but a group of students in NJ are leading the way when it comes to prioritizing CPR training.


Christian Ventura founded the High School Association of Medical Engineers and Scientists, or HAMES, a student-based non-profit organization that supports youth in their pursuit of careers in health, medicine, and other science fields. Recently, the group unveiled the Student Samaritan Initiative, which is designed to bridge the disconnect between New Jersey state requirements and the implementation of those requirements.


The current New Jersey educational requirements already include a provision that high school students must be instructed in how to properly utilize cardiopulmonary resuscitation and an automatic external defibrillator for live-saving purposes. Unfortunately, whether or not this training is actually taking place is not being tracked.


However, HAMES has come up with a solution. The students are petitioning Legislative District 11 to develop legislation that requires students to present proof of CPR, AED, and First Aid training when they apply for a motor vehicle license. This written proof must be presented to the Motor Vehicle Commission before the road test takes place.


Although HAMES is a part of the public school system, the proposed changes would affect all high school students, whether they attend public, private or home schools. In order to take the road test, students would provide a signed approval document from either their school or an authorized CPR training provider that states the student has successfully completed the course.


In order to help students comply with this potential new requirement, HAMES plans to donate CPR classes to schools throughout every county in New Jersey. In addition to contacting the legislature, the group has also started an online petition to gain support for their plan.


In the United States, more than 70 percent of all cardiac emergencies occur in a person’s home. When more people are trained on how to effectively administer CPR, they can use these skills to assist their parents, grandparents, friends, and even strangers. High school students who are trained in CPR have the benefit of being ready to use these skills throughout their lives.


Here at In-Pulse CPR, we are passionate about the benefits that high quality CPR training can offer our schools, organizations and communities. Please contact us to learn more about how you can bring effective training to your group.











CPR Classes MacDill AFB

In-Pulse CPR is now offering public CPR certification classes in South Tampa. This new location is only 3 miles from the Air Force Base of MacDill.

Over the past several years we have seen an increase of students from the base at many of our other Tampa classes. By offering a site near the military compound we are looking at increasing our class attractiveness to those who work there.

Check out our class calendar

In-Pulse CPR offers classes at over a dozen sites around the Tampa Bay area. We train upwards of 1200 students every month on CPR. We offer BLS Classes with a 2-yr certification through the American Heart Association. We also offer Heartsaver First Aid and AED classes.

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Nursing News: Passive Leg Raising and Elevating the Head during CPR Prove to Be Beneficial

Around 275,000 people, per year, experience OHCA (out-of-hospital cardiac arrest) incidents. This finding was reported by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine archives. This number pertains to people living in Europe.

U.S. Statistics for OHCAs

It has also been found that a large number of people experience sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in the U.S. or OHCAs. The number in the U.S. is even greater – about 365,000 per year. Of this number, around 90% end in death. This finding was recently published in the 2018 report, Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics, published by the American Heart Association (AHA).

Passive Leg Raising

The Use of Passive Leg Raising (PLR). According to the NCBI report, the use of a passive leg raising (PLR) during cardiopulmonary resuscitation may assist in increasing the survival rates of OHCA victims. PLR during CPR has been shown to enhance cardiac preload and circulation when chest compressions are performed.

An Easy and Fast Technique

Like performing chest compressions, PLR is an easy and fast technique. Scientists have noted that the greatest benefit was experienced when PLR was performed during the early part of CPR, or prior to the first defibrillation.

Why PLR Works

A study designed to tests the use of PLR hypothetically concluded that elevation of the lower extremities during an OHCA CPR increases patient survival to one month by increasing cardiac preload and circulation to the bran and heart when chest compressions are performed.

Higher Neurological Scores

PLR may be of significant use when hands-only CPR is performed, or CPR that does not include the breaths associated with traditional CPR. One study also confirmed that using PLR during resuscitaiton resulted in higher neurological scores.

Increasing Survival CPR Rates

Cardiac arrest, itself, is a leading cause of death in both the U.S. and Europe. Therefore, any introduction of new techniques to increase survival rates is significant. Just as the name implies, a passive leg raise is a mechanical type maneuver the entails elevating the lower limbs from a horizontal position during resuscitation.

What Happens during PLR or Passive Leg Raising

During PLR, gravity causes the rechanneling of venous blood from the body’s lower extremities, which, in turn, triggers an increase in the left ventricular end-diastolic volume, carotid blood flow, right ventricular preload, and system venous return.


An Increase in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Elimination

Based on these findings, researchers concluded that using PLR during CPR can improve survival rates. This information is important to nurses who are keeping up on the latest methods when applying CPR. Passive leg raising is useful when someone has fainted and has been shown to enhance carbon dioxide elimination when introduced in CPR.

Reviewing Past Reports

In fact, the first formal guidelines for CPR, introduced in 1974, included a statement that emphasized that at the “elevation of the lower extremities may . . . augment artificial circulation during . . . cardiac compression.” This statement was deleted from American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines in 1992. It is not included in the most recent guides either.

Measuring Chest Compressions

Clinical and preclinical studies support the American Heart Association’s recommendation that chest compressions should be at least 5 centimeters or 2 inches deep. When the chest is compressed too deep or at too fast of rate, the results can be adversely impacted.

The Importance of Maintaining Chest Compressions

Also, it is important to take note – interruptions during CPR, or chest compressions, can be harmful. Without compressing the chest, the blood flow can be negatively affected. In some instances, emergency or rescue personnel may stop chest compressions (in some cases, over a minute) to feel for a pulse, auscultate the chest, intubate or assess the underlying rhythm. Rescuers may forget, when hurried, to continue performing CPR.

Recent Statistics

One recent evaluation of CPR showed that these kinds of mistakes were indeed frequent and harmful. Nearly 50% of the time, compressions were inadequate, or performed at incorrect depths – all which did not fall in line with American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines.

Poorer Results

For instance, about 1/3 of the subjects received compressions at rate that surpassed 120 compressions per minute. When the compression rates were higher—or over the recommended 100 compressions per minutes—the results were poorer.

Maintaining the Proper Compression Rate – Why It Is Important

If the compression rate is too fast, the diastolic filling times may be insufficient and full recoil and compression depth may not be realized. A slight vacuum is created within the thorax during a passive chest recoil, which draws some of the blood back inside the heart and air into the lungs. Blood is then drawn from the extrathoracic to intrathoracic areas, where the heart is partially refilled until the completion of next compression.

Moreover, if a rescuer leans on the chest and prevents it from recoiling fully after a compression, the intrathoracic pressure will surpass the atmospheric pressure. When this happens, it reduces the refilling process in the heart and lowers the ICP (intracranial pressure). A full chest recoil maintains the ICP. To support this information, research with animals has demonstrated that leaning on the chest during resuscitation reduces the perfusion pressures to the myocardium and brain.

Errors Affect Survival Rates

In addition, compressing and decompressing at too fast of rate (over 120 compressions per minute) decreases the venous return time to less than what is needed for refilling the heart. Therefore, these kinds of errors can negatively affect survival rates. As a result, not only is imperative that nurses take CPR classes to learn the correct ways to perform hands-only and traditional CPR, it is essential that other advances be noted in resuscitation methods as well.

Elevating the Head during CPR

For instance, not only is passive leg raising an important consideration, so is learning about the position of the head during the lifesaving measure. For example, by convention, cardiopulmonary resuscitation has been performed for at least 50 years with the patient lying in a supine position. The entire body is positioned on the same plane, or horizontal on the floor.

Enhancing the Blood Flow

Recent research suggests that elevating the head during CPR has a marked beneficial effect on ICP (intracranial pressure) and brain circulation when compared to horizontal placement. When the body is supine and lies horizontal, each compression is related with the generation of waves resulting from arterial and venous pressure.

Increased Perfusion

If the patient’s head is elevated, the gravity drains the venous blood from the brain and sends it back to the heart. This results in increased refilling of the heart after compressions and a reduced compression phase ICP. As a result, studies show that elevating the head during CPR may offer more protection to the brain and increased perfusion or blood flow.

Supplementing Your Lifesaving Skills

Nurses can also get involved in learning methods to enhance post-resuscitation care. However, unless high-quality CPR is performed, these measures cannot be implemented with optimum effect. That is important to remember if you, as a nurse or other healthcare worker, want to supplement your lifesaving skills.




























New FL CPR Bus Driver Law – We can help train

Case Study:

Hillsborough County Transportation

Hillsborough Country Transportation has 1500 drivers who are now required by this new law to be CPR/FA trained. They decided to certify 7 internal staff to become instructors through In-Pulse CPR. They are now teaching 2 classes every week with 37 students each class. At this pace, they are on track to train the whole district in less than 5 months.

In-Pulse CPR is a multi-state American Heart Training Center (TC) based out of Tampa Florida. Currently we have over 200 direct and indirect CPR instructors ready to assist school districts and their transportation services with training on the new CPR law.

The Florida State Board of Education passed a measure requiring all bus drivers be certified in CPR and first aid. According to the new rule: “The operator and attendant shall be provided certified cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid training along with other required pre service training prior to transporting students, and shall receive CPR and first aid refresher in-service training at least biennially.

In-Pulse CPR directly offers training to over 1200 students every month. Indirectly, through our training network, we train several thousand more.

School districts have three options on training their bus drivers. First, they can send their staff to a public community CPR/FA certification class. [View dates and times] Secondly, for larger groups, they can have a certified instructor come out to their facility to train and certify. Lastly, if they have the staff to warrant it, they can have internal personnel become instructors. Those internal instructors would provide the classes to their network. Smaller transportation providers may prefer one of the first two options, as becoming an instructor has many additional added expenses including equipment and training.

In-Pulse CPR can help you decide on what the best training option would be in your situation.

Request more information

More about our group classes can be found here

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm (EST)
Tampa Bay:
(813) 343-4024
Orlando: (407) 279-3256
Outstate:  (877) 226-7311

Multiple CPR Classes in Delaware Valley Greater Philadelphia

American Heart Association CPR certification training

The AHA is a Red Cross alternative for a 2 year CPR certification class.  Did you know that Healthcare workers are required to retake the American Heart BLS certification class every two years.  Not in Healthcare?  We have about 30 percent of our students who are not in the medical field.  You are welcome to take any of our classes.  We have many laypersons who attend including teachers, new parents, scout leaders, childcare, baby sitters, and others.

These classes include:

BLS Provider or also known as BLS for Healthcare ProfessionalsBasic Life Support requirement: Nurses, dentists, hygienists, nursing students, dental students, pharmacists, emergency medical technicians, physicians, professional rescuer, respiratory therapists or anyone in the health-care industry required to have CPR training.

BLS Provider / Heartsaver CPR with AED
(Often if on a Saturday we may also offer)
Heartsaver CPR with First Aid (often needed for Daycare Providers)

All non-medical individuals can also take the BLS Provider course, including daycare providers, warehouse staff, massage therapists, lifeguards, teachers, office staff, church staff, daycare providers, safety committee staff, yoga or fitness instructors, parents or grandparents, scout leaders, teens, etc.
Healthcare Provider: Has been renamed BLS Provider.

Our CPR classes in Philadelphia are held at the following venues:

Philadelphia Airport
Center City
Franklyn Mills area
Darby / Media
North / South Philly
West Chester
Plymouth Meeting and more.


AED Misconceptions

AEDs are complicated, highly specialized medical devices. As a result, they can be very intimidating and even frightening for people to imagine having to use in an emergency situation. We have all seen the movies where, during a scene of high drama, the device is charged and used to violently revive someone from a near death situation. While AEDs are in fact used to do just that, it would surprise many to learn that using the technology is not as complicated or scary as pop culture might have you believe. In fact, the devices are designed to be quite the opposite as many are built for public use with the consideration that they will most likely not be in the hands of the most highly trained medical professionals. 

Here is some insightful knowledge that will hopefully serve to educate and calm those who are feeling anxious about AEDs and their usage:

– You can kill or hurt someone with an AED: AEDs are highly regulated and tested Class III medical devices. What this means is that the FDA needs to approve all aspects of the device to deem it safe. Again, Hollywood may be to blame for this fear as many movies depict characters using AEDs as weapons or to shock and immobilize other people. Thankfully, AEDs are able to analyze the heart rhythm of whoever they are pressed against and simply will not deliver a shock to a person who is not in need of one. The idea of blowing someone across the room with a blast to the chest is pure Hollywood nonsense.

– Only trained professionals can use AEDs: While proper CPR and AED training is an invaluable asset for anyone, you do not need to be a medical professional to properly administer a shock from an AED. In fact, AEDs are equipped with audio and voice prompts made to walk the user through the process. These devices are created to save lives. As a result, they have been designed for ease of use.

– AEDs aren’t necessary in places where most of the people present are young and healthy: While heart attacks are the blocking of an artery that usually occurs in people who are overweight or have pre-existing health conditions, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a misfiring of electrical impulses in the heart and can happen to anyone of any age in any condition from young children to athletes in their physical peak. A heart attack victim cannot be assisted by an AED, as a physical blockage requires manual treatment. However, AEDs are designed for treating victims of cardiac arrest and are therefore invaluable tools in any environment. 

– Using an AED on a person will cause them to violently convulse: Another Hollywood myth. While the person’s shoulders will most likely rise upon shock delivery, their arms and legs will remain stationary and they will not flail about.

– AEDs can shock those who are using them: This is a common misconception. As stated previously, an AED will only discharge if it has determined that the person it is being used by requires it to do so. The user is in no risk of being shocked.

– AEDs are one time use devices: Depending on a variety of factors, AEDs can deliver tens or even hundreds of discharges with proper maintenance.

– First responders are close by so an AED is not necessary: In emergency situations, time rarely feels as though its on your side. Response time can vary and mere seconds can be the difference between life and death for a victim of cardiac arrest. Proper CPR training and an accessible, properly maintained AED are your absolute best resources to prevent loss of life in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Nurse Shortage Increases in Florida

Nurse Shortage is Real

Every year National Nurses week honors nurses in May, or from May 6th to May 12th (Florence Nightingale’s birthday). The founder of modern nursing valued a commitment to care and compassion – hallmarks that give nursing its ethical and honest standing.

However, nurses, while greatly valued, still are in short supply in the Sunshine State. Moreover, the Florida Center for Nursing revealed that over 40% of the state’s nurses are close to retirement, which will worsen the current shortage. In fact, experts expect that the demand for nurses will be so great in 2025 that it could cripple Florida’s healthcare system and negatively impact the medical care Floridians receive.

The Demand is Outpacing the Enrollments

If you are seeking work as a licensed or registered nurse in Florida, you won’t have much trouble finding a job. While an enrollment increase was reported by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, it still is not large enough to meet the projected future demand for nurses.

These reports may leave you wondering why the demand is so great. According the statisticians, students at colleges do have a great interest in nursing. In fact, the field attracts many qualified candidates. However, not all the candidates get accepted. Educational institutions do not have the financial means nor enough staff support to produce the pool of nurses that hospitals, nursing homes, or medical centers require.

For example, nursing schools in the US rejected the applications of almost 70,000 applicants in 2014. They simply could not accommodate their educational needs. In two-thirds of the nursing schools, teacher shortages made it impossible to accept additional applicants.

Therefore, the real reason a lack of nurses exists is because schools need more nursing educators. If you are seeking a root cause for the problem, it originates at the college level. Schools have a hard time locating nursing professors, as many of the educators, like nurses, are nearing retirement age. In addition, nurses who are working toward master’s or doctoral degrees, are being swayed to take clinical jobs, such as nurse practitioner, which pay more money – about $20,000 more annually.

What You Can Do to Reduce the Shortage

As you can see, a cycle has developed that needs to be turned around. Any woman or man who wishes to work as a nurse can do something about the current crisis. For example, the choice of a college is critical. Choosing a university without a waiting list is a good way to begin. Also, check the following, when reviewing nursing programs and schools:

  • Does the nursing program require pre-nursing classes before students are accepted or enrolled? All the training needed for the licensing exam should be included as a standard entrance option for a BSN.
  • Does the college feature multiple campuses that support its nursing program? When more than one campus of a college offers a nursing curriculum, students normally do not have to sign up on a waiting list to start training.
  • Does the college’s MSN program offer options for working nurses? If you work as a nurse already, an MSN program should be designed around your schedule. Seek out a program that offers a nursing education specialization or a nursing administration endorsement.
  • What are the college’s transfer policies? The nursing program in which you enroll should be able to accept credits from most private and public universities and colleges. Make your hard work count by choosing a college that will accept prior academic credits.
  • Does the college make it easy to go from an LPN to RN designation? If you can find a nursing program that enables you to sit for your licensure exam for practical nursing within a year, so much the better. This faster educational option makes it possible for you to enter the workforce sooner and gives you the chance to study for your RN licensure in the interim.
  • How is the tuition structured? Your course fees for your nursing program should include all the required eBooks, CDs, and textbooks, including uniform and lab fees. You should be able to clearly see what you will be spending upfront.

Selecting a Nursing Program that You Can Begin Now

Because of the need for nurses, it is important to explore the programs at colleges today. If you want to begin sooner, you may want to consider a diploma program in practical nursing and continue your education while your work. You can also obtain an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in professional nursing. Check the specializations offered for master of science nursing degree programs as well.

The best way to combat a shortage of nurses is to become fully proactive. Begin by attending a nursing information session at a college of your choosing. Again, find a program that does not feature a waiting list – a college that will help you get started on the road to a nursing career.

Inquiring about the Costs

Request more information about the programs offered and learn more about the costs and fees. Ask about financial aid and make sure the college offers a detailed educational plan. That way, you will know what to expect in your nursing training and career.

How to Attract More Teachers

With that said, legislators still need to intervene to make working as a nurse educator more attractive. Current nursing instructors suggest that schools can attract more educators by offering an income that is higher, or by paying for an educator’s advanced education degree.

In Florida, technical schools took a stance in February 2019. Representatives from the schools requested that laws be put into effect to add transition nursing programs to curriculums. That way, students who finish a licensed nursing program could continue their nursing education. This move would create more registered nursing opportunities and therefore reduce the shortage. While a Florida house ibll was filed, it did not pass in 2019. Hopefully, it will re-emerge in 2020.

In the interim, it is important for anyone seeking to become a nurse to carefully survey the educational opportunities. Do what you can to get involved in the field so you can make a small, yet significant, difference.



Keep the Steps for Hands-on CPR in Mind – Be Prepared

Statistics show that SCA or sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any age. However, the risk for SCA is greater for the following individuals:

  • People who are diabetic
  • People who have had a heart attack
  • People suffering from hypertension
  • People with high levels of cholesterol
  • Obese individuals
  • People who smoke
  • People with heart disease

An Invaluable Skill

Moreover, SCA usually occurs at home. Therefore, if you have a loved one who is at a high risk for SCA, you need to learn CPR to ensure your family member’s survival. Even if you do not have a high-risk member in your household, CPR can be an invaluable skill.

Coronary Artery Disease

A previous heart attack can lead to an SCA, especially if a large part of the heart was damaged. Also, an SCA is more likely to occur within the first six months following a heart attack. About 80% of cases that lead to death are linked with coronary artery disease.

How Sudden Cardiac Death Occurs

Coronary artery disease is also referred to as heart disease or coronary heart disease. It develops when plaque builds up in the arteries. When the arteries, which, at first, are elastic and smooth, build up with plaque, they become narrow and rigid. As a result, the circulation to the heart muscle is restricted, all which can lead to a noted lack of oxygen. When the plaque ruptures, a heart attack can develop or sudden cardiac death (SCD).

How Coronary Artery Disease (Heart Disease) Develops

Coronary artery disease can develop from a young age. As plaque in the blood vessel walls accumulates, the walls become inflamed, all which elevates the risk of heart attacks and blood clots. In addition, the plaque build-up causes the inner walls of the blood vessels to become sticky. Other substances travel in the blood stream and mix with the plaque. These substances may include calcium, lipoproteins, or inflammatory cells. When this happens, the vessels become narrower over time.

How a Heart Attack Happens

Eventually, a narrowed artery may compensate for the restricted blood flow by developing new blood vessels that travel around the blockage. This is the body’s way of ensuring that blood is delivered to the heart. However, if a person is stressed, the new arteries may not be sufficient enough to deliver oxygen-rich blood. Moreover, if the plaque ruptures, a blood clot may block the supply of blood to the heart. When this occurs, it is called a heart attack.


Blockages that Lead to Strokes

If a blood vessel to the brain becomes clogged, normally from a clot, an ischemic stroke may occur. If a brain’s blood vessel bursts, usually because of high blood pressure, a hemorrhagic stroke usually results.

Angina or Chest Pain

Angina or chest pain can also warn of heart or rhythm problems. Usually, angina is revealed by heaviness and pressure in the chest or a burning or aching sensation in the chest area. Sometimes patients feel a fullness or squeezing along with the pain. This condition is often mistaken for heartburn or an upset stomach.

Learning Hands-on CPR

Today, you can learn hands-on CPR, which does not require mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Therefore, this form of resuscitation makes CPR simpler to learn. Hands-on CPR for adults is given when a person collapses and becomes non-responsive. If this occurs, you first need to call 911. Afterwards, check for responsiveness. Tap the individual’s shoulder and ask if he or she is okay. Also, check for normal breathing.

When Hands-on CPR Cannot Be Used and Conventional CPR Is Employed

Again, if the person does not respond or is not breathing normally, you need to begin hands-on CPR. However, that being said, hands-on CPR should not be used in situations where an SCA is the result of a drug overdose or a near-drowning. In these cases, you need to perform chest compressions combined with rescue breathing.

Performing Chest Compressions

When performing chest compressions, you need to take the following steps:

  • Place the heel of the hand on the victim’s chest in the center.
  • Position the heel of the other hand on top of the first hand and lace the fingers together.
  • Keep your arms straight and make sure the shoulders are positioned directly over the hands.
  • Push hard on the chest and compress the chest to a depth of at least two inches.
  • Make sure the chest elevates completely before performing another compression.
  • Compressions should be performed at 100 per minute.

Keep Performing CPR Until Normal Breathing Is Resumed or Emergency Help Arrives

Keep performing hands-on CPR, stopping only if the person begins normal breathing or an emergency responder arrives and takes over resuscitation. You should also turn over the task to another person versed in CPR, if possible, if you become too tired. If an automated external defibrillator (AED) becomes available, you will also want to stop so the device can be used.

How to Use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

When an AED does come available, you want to turn on the device so the machine can provide step-by-step directions. Wipe the patient’s chest dry and affix the pads of the AED. Plug the connector, if required.

Defibrillation with an AED

When using the AED, make sure that no other person is touching the victim. Announce the word “clear” so everyone knows to stand back and away from the victim. If needed, press the “analyze” button. If a shock is recommended, press the “shock” button. Resume resuscitation, performing compressions, and follow the AED device’s prompts.

Why Knowing How to Administer CPR is Essential

Again, knowing this information is important for everyone, as SCD or sudden cardiac death is the main cause of natural death in the U.S. About 325,000 adults succumb to SCD each year – the reason for half the deaths from heart disease annually.

The Results of a Heart Attack

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is not a myocardial infarction, or heart attack. However, it can happen when a heart attack takes place. A heart attack happens when a blockage develops in one or more arteries of the heart. In turn, the heart is unable to receive sufficient oxygen-rich blood. If oxygen cannot enter the heart, the heart muscle becomes damaged.

A Flaw in the Heart’s Electrical System

Unlike a heart attack, an SCA happens when the heart’s electrical system or rhythm is disturbed. When this occurs, the heart will beat faster than normal or the ventricles may quiver (known as ventricular fibrillation). The blood, in turn, cannot circulate in the body. During the first few minutes of an SCA, the victim loses consciousness. Death usually follows unless resuscitation measures are begun.

Applying an Electric Shock

When an SCA occurs, emergency treatment includes the use of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and defibrillation. While CPR is a manual resuscitation technique – used to keep oxygen and blood circulating to the brain, defibrillation involves applying an electric shock to the chest.

When AEDs are Normally Used

While emergency teams use portable defibrillators, defibrillators, called automated external defibrillators or AEDs can be found in public areas. AEDs are designed to be used by people witnessing an SCA.

SCA Symptoms

When a person experiences an SCA, certain symptoms are noted. These symptoms may include a racing heart or a feeling of dizziness. However, an SCA can be insidious, as many people who suffer from an SCA do not experience any symptoms.

Ventricular Fibrillation

Most of the SCAs that occur result from an arrhythmia, or an abnormal heart rhythm. The most common of these life-threatening arrhythmias is defined as ventricular fibrillation. Ventricular fibrillation involves a random firing of impulses from the lower chambers of the heart known as the ventricles. When this happens, the heart cannot pump blood, which leads to death, if the condition is not addressed.

Learn CPR Today

Everyone needs to learn how to use an AED and administer CPR. If you have not done so already, now is the time to take CPR and CPR-related training. Give back to your community and make sure you have the skills needed to save a life.







CPR Saves a Life

The city of Philadelphia is campaigning to encourage its residents the benefits of learning CPR training.  Statistically, the average person in Philadelphia is half as likely to assist a person suffering from cardiac arrest in comparison to other cities nationally.


Because of this campaign, CPR was recently used to save the life of one-year old Jayson Smith, thanks to the efforts of the three Philadelphia police officers and their quick first aid response by applying the necessary CPR needed to save his life.


When the officers arrived at the boy’s home, his eyes were rolled in the back of his head and he was unresponsive.  The officers immediately started performing CPR on the child, with one of the officers performing rescue breathing as another officer monitored his pulse.  The officer continued the CPR techniques on little Jayson for the next ten minutes until the paramedics arrived and were able to take over the rescue effort and rush him to the nearby St. Christopher’s hospital where doctors on staff could take over.


When we think of using CPR lifesaving techniques, we do not always think that it is going to be a child that needs CPR.  However, there are times when a child is in need of this life-saving technique; therefore, the city of Philadelphia would like to urge all its citizens to go online to  www.inpulsecpr.com  to register for a lifesaving CPR training class right away.  It could be one of your loved ones lives that you save by doing so.


The CPR training classes offered by In-Pulse CPR are meant to be fun as well as informative.  All participants of the training classes receive a full two-year certification from the American Heart Association.   A person can register for a four or six-hour class and there is also First Aid training that is available.


Participants can receive training in CPR certification, AED training, as well as First Aid training throughout the state of Pennsylvania.











Bystander CPR: Important Facts You Should Know If You Are from Philadelphia

Research shows that Philadelphians need to learn CPR. In fact, studies indicate Philadelphia falls behind other cities when it comes to administering this life-saving procedure.  That is why it is imperative that Philadelphians begin looking at the importance of CPR training.

Why Everyone Needs to Learn CPR

Most people are under the impression that CPR is a practice that is confined to health care workers or people who work at athletic or sports facilities. However, CPR is a basic resuscitation method that everyone should know.

Hands-on CPR Training

CPR is easy to learn and can save countless lives. Plus, you can use hands-on CPR that does not include breaths. Some people are shy or wary about using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. However, hands-on CPR makes it possible for you to save someone’s life and keep them breathing until help arrives.

Learn How to Save a Life

The more people who know CPR, the safer everyone will be. Both laypeople in Philadelphia and healthcare providers can benefit from CPR training. Training takes a minimal amount of time and enables a student to learn all there is to know about CPR – compressions, rescue breathing (if the class covers mouth-to-mouth resuscitation), and defibrillation.

A Telling Statistic

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, about 1,100 Philadelphians lost their lives to cardiac arrest in 2015. Many of the deaths, which occurred in public places or at home, could have been avoided if hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) has been used.

An Instrumental Measure

Indeed, CPR is instrumental in saving lives, as it can be used in a variety of emergencies. CPR can be administered any time a person’s heart stops beating or if he or she suffers from a near-drowning. Again, hands-only CPR does not require that the lifesaver give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or breaths and has been shown to be as effective as the traditional CPR for saving an individual from cardiac arrest in the workplace, in public, or at home.

Timing Is Crucial

If the heart stops beating, any lack of oxygenated blood can lead to brain damage. This can happen in only several minutes. Moreover, an individual suffering from SCA can die in as little as 10 minutes. However, if CPR is administered, blood can still flow to the organs and brain until responders can provide the equipment needed to restore rhythm to the heart.

A Basic and Easy-to-remember Technique

Any bystander who knows hands-only CPR can be invaluable to a community. This process takes place in two steps. First, the bystander calls 911. He then pushes on the center of the victim’s chest—firmly, using quick compressions—until help arrives. The compression rate should be around 100 compressions per minute. Press over the chest at a depth of about two inches.

Invaluable Training

Indeed, by-stander CPR is invaluable as well as training in the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). An AED device is used to restore a heart that is beating abnormally. Cardiac arrest has become a community issue, as cardiac survival rates are unacceptable currently. When a wide range of people know how to administer CPR and use an AED, they can make a vital, if not far-reaching, difference.

How an SCA and Heart Attack Differ

While the terms are often used interchangeably, a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and a heart attack are not the same thing. A heart attack happens when the circulation to an area of the heart is blocked by either an obstructed or narrow coronary artery. In turn, this blockage results in damage.

Heart Attack Symptoms

Heart attack symptoms usually include dizziness, confusion, shortness of breath, or pain. An SCA happens when the electrical activity of a heart is disrupted, which causes the heart to stop beating. This disruption can result from a heart attack, an inherited condition, or an electrolyte imbalance.

Treatment Objectives

When an SCA occurs, the patient almost instantly loses consciousness. The treatment objective, for an SCA is to maintain blood flow and restore the heart’s rhythm. On the other hand, treatment for a heart attack entails reopening the arteries to clear blockages and o restore the blood’s flow.

SCAs Happen Frequently in the Home

Therefore, when CPR is performed, the goal is to maintain the heart beat until emergency help can arrive. Again, knowing CPR is vital for both bystanders and medical workers, given the latest statistics – statistics that show that most SCAs happen in home settings with a witness present.

Increasing SCA Success Rates – What Typically Works

The effective treatment of SCA requires an automatic response from lifesavers. Usually, this response is more likely to be successful if 911 is called, CPR is begun, and an AED is used. The time between the first chest compression and the SCA incident is critical. Survival rates decrease 10% for every minute CPR is delayed. Therefore, ever second is crucial – from the time of a collapse to the return of spontaneous blood flow.

Can You Perform CPR?

While evidence supports that bystander CPR knowledge along with the use of an AED can substantially increase SCA survival rates, only 3% of the entire US population currently is CPR trained. As a result, many laypeople or bystanders are not prepared to act.

Giving Back the Community

If you live in Philadelphia and want to give back to the community, learning CPR is valuable way to do so. When you are trained in CPR, you will be able to recognize an SCA and know how to respond accordingly.


A Short Learning Curve

It does not take a long time to learn CPR. Therefore, you do not have any reason not to make time to do so. A knowledge of CPR can also be used in emergency situations in the areas of disaster safety, weather safety, water safety, and children’s safety.

Hand-on CPR for Bystanders

While courses for CPR are given in schools and to healthcare providers and employees, they are open, as well, for people who wish to learn how to provide life support using this method. CPR training applies to the resuscitation of pets, babies, children, and adults. Learning hands-on CPR is ideal for bystanders as it easy to retain and remember.

What You Need to Do if Someone Suffers an SCA

Before giving hands-on CPR, responders or bystanders should first look around them, checking the environment and the person. Make sure it is safe for you to continue. Tap the individual on his or her shoulder and ask if he or she is okay. Check to see if they are breathing normally.

Performing Hands-on CPR

Next, call 911 if the victim is not responding. Either that, or ask a bystander to call 911 while you begin chest compressions. Performing hands-on CPR includes the following steps:

  • Kneel beside the victim
  • Place the heel of our hand on the chest of the victim
  • Place the heel of your other hand on top of the hand on the victim’s chest
  • Lace the fingers together
  • Position yourself so that your shoulders are situated right above your hands
  • Keep the arms straight
  • Push down on the chest, using quick movements, using your body weight
  • Make sure the compression are at least two inches deep
  • Deliver about 100 compressions each minute
  • The chest should rise completely in between each compression
  • Continue the process until you notice the patient is again breathing or an EMS professional arrives at the scene

Why It Is Important that Everyone Has CPR Training

In some situations, a bystander may become too exhausted to continue. However, if another bystander is present who know CPR, the activity can continue until an AED can be used or an emergency responder arrives.

CPR Training in Philadelphia

Can you see why it is important for everyone to learn CPR? Even in a situation where there is no medical personnel, a life can be saved if people are CPR trained. Statistics reveal that Philadelphia falls behind other cities when it comes to CPR education. According to an article in The Inquirer in Philadelphia, the city’s need for CPR training is acute.


Tripling the Survival Rate

The article added that CPR, when performed within minutes of an SCA, can double or triple an individual’s chance of survival. Indeed, every minute counts when a person falls victim to an SCA. That is why everybody needs to know CPR. An SCA does not just happen in sports facilities, on athletic fields, where people swim, or in the hospital. It often happens at home or can occur in the workplace.

The City of Brotherly Love

If you do not know hands-on CPR or have not been trained in this lifesaving procedure, now is you time to schedule a CPR class. Philadelphia’s motto, called the Philadelphia Maneto, supports the community’s caring nature. The motto, “Caritas fraternitatis maneat in vobis,” when translated, means “Let brotherly love abide with you.” That coincides with the city’s reputation as being the “City of Brotherly Love.”

Sign Up for CPR Training

Sign up now!

The American Heart Association has a CPR class this week near you!

Isn’t learning CPR the ideal way to show the type of care that Philadelphians are known to possess? In a short matter of time, you can be certified in CPR. You only need to sign up for a class and start learning. The sooner you do so, the sooner you will realize how CPR can indeed make a difference in your life and to someone who may need your help one day.









Nursing 101 – Staying Focused

Tips for Nurses: How to Stay Calm and Focused during an Emergency or When Giving CPR

Whether you are a nurse who is just beginning your career or have several years, experience, you can become nervous if you need to administer CPR or manage an emergency. How you respond depends on the place where you work, the frequency of code blues, or other emergent circumstances. To perform your best, however, it is vital that you remain calm, regardless of the situation.

Do You Know Where Everything Is?

During any patient emergency, or when the need arises for administering CPR or employing defibrillation, it is essential that you know the placement of the equipment. By scheduling code cart checks, you can further familiarize yourself with all the life saving devices. If you have some free time, or before you begin your shift, check the location of the code cart as well as the ambu bag and oxygen tank.

Make Sure You Are Well Organized

You might also think about creating a diagram of drawer items so you can easily find the supplies and meds you need during an emergency. Laminate your chart so you can keep it intact. Also, check the resuscitation medicines and doses as part of your regular routine. The whole key to handling any emergency situation is to be prepared. When you are prepared, you will feel less anxious and be more valuable to the healthcare team.

Never Apologize When a Patient’s Life Is at Stake

Also, during an emergency, it is better to press the button for help sooner than later. Never apologize if you feel the need to call a code, even if the patient stabilizes during resuscitation. Nurses need to record pateints’ vital signs and administer IVs when resuscitation becomes a priority. It is also important to have the fluids, meds, and defibrillator ready to administer and use.

Is the Patient Breathing

Check the pulse. Is the patient breathing? Is he or she responsive? If the answers to any these questions is “no,” compressions and respiratory assistance (CPR) is necessary while more advanced resuscitation techniques and items are prepped.

Acquainting Yourself with the Defibrillator

While using a defibrillator can, at first, seem rather challenging, its use in ventricular fibrillation induced (VF) cardiac arrests is crucial to a patient’s survival. You should consider the defibrillator as a comforting companion – a device that you can easily check, set up and dial the correct jules when in use.


What Are Your Strengths?

Make sure you focus on your strengths as part of the emergency response team. That means filling out the code document form and using it if you are good at recording or drawing up and administering meds if that is your strong suit.

Closed-loop Communications

It also helps, when working as part of an emergency team to engage in closed-loop communications. This form of communications ensures that each health care member knows what he or she is being requested to perform and who is doing a specific task.

An Example

This can help in particularly high-stress, fast paced circumstances. For instance, if someone asks you to get an epi, you acknowledge that you are getting the epi. This type of cooperation can do a lot towards calming the situation and keeping everyone on track.

Staying in Practice

To stay prepped for emergencies, it never hurts for nurses to reacquaint themselves with training, such as basic life support (BLS) methods or adult advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS), or to practice resuscitation or CPR skills with other members of the team.

Prepping Yourself for an Emergency

Scheduling team sessions where each member can practice can be invaluable. Rehearsing a code mentally, as well, will keep each member’s skills up-to-date and increase the level of comfort when an emergency actually occurs.

Ask Questions – Even Seemingly Obvious Ones

One of the vital things to do in an emergency is to ask questions – never assume. For example, if a code is happening, you may wonder mentally if anyone did a certain task. Everyone seems to be in control at the moment, so you reason that the activity has been performed. Even if an inquiry may seem obvious, you should still ask the question.

Never Assume

First responders, regardless of their skill level, may not reason objectively. For example, if a patient, who is being prepped for surgery seems overmedicated, he or she may, instead, be hypoglycemic. Therefore, never assume. Again, ask questions, even if you think the answer may seem apparent. You have to review all angles of a situation.

Debriefings – Why They Are Important

A debriefing should always follow a code. This gives each member of the team a chance to discuss the positive and negative activities than went on during an emergency. For example, you may want to ask if the communication was clear enough or transparent? Was a certain sign not identified early enough?

A Chance to Improve on What You Already Know

On the other hand, you may want to note that responses were immediate and early defibrillation was achieved with success. A debriefing or evaluation gives each emergency team member an opportunity to review an emergency so any communications or behaviors can be improved during future emergencies.

Stay Focused and Work with the Healthcare Team

It is normal to become nervous during any emergency situation, or when a patient’s condition becomes life-threatening. The key is to keep breathing, stay focused, and work with the team. Being prepared will help you do a better job as a health care provider and member of an emergency response team.

Keep Current on CPR Procedures and the Use of Defibrillation Equipment

That is why updating your resuscitation skills is vital to your success as a health care worker. Keep up-to-date on the latest trends in CPR or defibrillation equipment. Keeping current will enable you to increase you confidence level and provide a higher level of care for your patients. It will also assist you in your career and increase your credibility as a member of the medical team.








A Doctor uses CPR on his own Wife

CPR Save  Pennsylvania


This is the story of how a Pennsylvania Orthopedic Surgeon saved the life of his wife by performing the life-saving technique of CPR on her when she was in cardiac arrest until emergency technicians arrived and could resume support en route to the hospital.


After spending one Saturday afternoon watching a Phillies baseball game, Matt and Stephanie Austin were heading to their new beach house for some much needed rest and relaxation and a chance to sleep in on Sunday morning.  Their plans for sleeping in were spoiled by a 6:00 A.M. call from another doctor requesting Matt’s advice.  As he was talking with his colleague on the telephone, he noticed Stephanie was making weird sounds, he called her name out but she did not respond.  He turned her over in the bed and noticed her pupils were fixed and dilated and her face was blue—she was in full cardiac arrest.


Thinking quickly, Matt called 911 and started performing CPR on his wife. Both Matt and Stephanie had first learned how to do CPR while they were both still in high school during which time when Matt was a lifeguard.  Matt was a doctor, however, he was an orthopedic surgeon so he did not use CPR as much as the other nurses and E.R. doctors did.  When the ambulance arrived, he had to temporarily stop CPR so he could go down the two flights of stairs to allow the emergency technicians into the house.


Even though Stephanie led and active lifestyle and appeared healthy; her heart was not healthy.  Thanks to the quick reactions of her husband, and the CPR process he was able to save her life and she is still alive today.

If you are not currently certified in CPR training, go online at www.inpulsecpr.com and register for a CPR class today.   The next big CPR save could be one you helped to make a reality.











CPR certification at over 13 classrooms across Pennsylvania

In-Pulse CPR Inc, An American Heart Training Center (TC)

Offering CPR training in Greater Lehigh Valley, Harrisburg, Allentown, Philadelphia, more…

At In-Pulse CPR we take pride in our quality of teaching. We use the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide for an interactive, experiential learning environment. We make sure that each student leaves the classroom feeling confident in the skills they gained.  Our classes are fun too!

Click here to View our Class Calendar

We offer the following certifications:

Heartsaver CPR

Heartsaver AED

BLS Healthcare CPR / Heath care Professional

Heartsaver First Aid

and More…

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CPR certification at over 13 classrooms across Florida

In-Pulse CPR Inc, An American Heart Training Center (TC)

Offering community classes in Tampa Bay, Ocala, Ft Myers, Orlando, more…

At In-Pulse CPR we take pride in our quality of teaching. We use the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide for an interactive, experiential learning environment. We make sure that each student leaves the classroom feeling confident in the skills they gained.  Our classes are fun too!

Click here to View our Class Calendar

We offer the following certifications:

Heartsaver CPR

Heartsaver AED

BLS Healthcare CPR / Heath care Professional

Heartsaver First Aid

and More…

Harvard University on the internet
School Online
WestBridge Website
Armor Healthcare
Myself My Colleague that instructs maritime education for US Coast Guard Credentialing
Dept of Health and Human Services – U.S. Public Health Service Google search
hospital online
MAS Medical Staffing
Coastal Carolina Community College Friend taking it
National Strength and Conditioning Association AHA website
None Online
Florida Cancer Specialist online
lakeland regional hospital email
RPSGT My go to instructor
Greystone Health Network
Opis Online search
National Academy of Sports Medicine Search engine
First Coast Technical College Online
Bridgewater rehab google
University of South Florida Internet
florida state college at jacksonville online
FGCU google
Pensacola Christian College Online
UF RecSports internet
Capitol Debate/Nassau County (NY) Board of Health Friend who is a nurse.
Florida hospital Google
Orlando Health
Care Team
Episcopal Children’s Services Online
Home care now Internet
National Athletic Trainers Association Good search
Seminole State College of Florida online research
Florida Hospital Google
Hospital I have taken this class before with you
Nirvana Google search
CSI Attended 2years ago
FHMG/Enlivant FHMG
Rasmussen College of Nursing Tampa/Brandon
University of South Florida, College of Nursing
USA Triathlon Internet
CVS Health/Caremarl AHA Website
Home Care Internet
National Academy of Sport Medicine
ACE Personal Training Research
FHMG web site
Mid Florida Community Services
MidFlorida Community Services
PSA Healthcare previous classes
Lake sumter state college, Valencia State College Online
Lake sumter state college, Valencia state college Online
Herzing University
NASM Google
NA Used before
Personal Online
ACE online
Seminole state college EMT course
Behavior Analysis Support Services American Heart Association website
Core Environmental and Construction Bing
Florida Hospital Referral
Institute for Accelerated RN
Institute for RN Remedial Course school
medical office
Seminole State College Online
American College for Medical Careers A classmate
BodyInUnity Inc. AHA website
BodyInUnity Inc. AHA website
College of Central Florida online
First Response Training Group Google
NASM google
Rasmussen College Accelerated BSN program Rasmussen College
Sandcastle Home Care On line
Carter Online
Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency Internet search
Nurse Staffing Online look up
for my CNA lisence online
World Instructor Training Schools google
Florida Hospital Waterman I looked for a CPR renewal course on Google
Seminole State Online
Waterman village Internet
Lake Sumter State College – Nursing Dept Fellow Student
EdOptions Academy on-line
Florida Hospital taken class before
Florida Hospital Altamonte you number on my impulse BLS card 🙂
Seminole State College
Florida Department of Health Took this course in 2016
AmWINS Access Insurance Services, LLC Work
Florida Hospital Fish Memorial Internet
Florida Hospital Orlando AHA Website
None. Google Web Search
Adventist University of Health Sciences AHA WEBSITE
Florid State University
Florida Department of Corrections
Individual Online Research
Sunshine Health Friend
American in-home care. American in-home care.
Allied Universal Been taken here for years
Herzing University girlfriend
Requirement for a Certified Medical Assistant Previously Certified by the American Heart Association
Central Florida Cardiology Group
n/a renewal google search
n/a renewal google search
Orange county Head start Online search
Bridgeport Senior Living Online
Orlando Health Online article
Childcare Google
for CNA job The American Heart Association
None Google
None/ I am full time caregiver for handicapped sister. Internet
Seminole State College Seminole State College
Seminole State College Seminole State
TravelMed USA – Medical Staffing I took your course 2 years ago. Shad, the instructor, was Excellent.
Csi School
Seminole State College AHA website
south seminole hospital internet
Southeastern University (Nursing Program) Online
Carnival Corp
ACE / AFAA Google
Herzing University Herzing University
self employeed previous class.
Creative World
id Tech
Lincoln Memorial University Caylor School of Nursing Online
Primose School of Waterford lakes
Seminole State College Online
EMT Recert Previous class
I am a Independent Yoga Instructor. I have already taken CPR Class.
Lake Technical College American Heart Association Website
Pennsylvania State University
Polk state college
Walgreens email
winter haven hospital american red cross website
Dental Hygienist- Florida Board of Dentistry Google
MSA home care online search
Neurorestorative Avalon internet
Valencia College
Lake Nona Golf and Country Club internet
Lake Nona Golf and Country Club internet
Turaba University Google
Turabo University (Ana G Mendez Uni) AHA
AFAA Group Fitness Instruction Friend
Work Took it 2 years ago
Valencia College
Valencia college
School District of Osceola County Athletic Director of Osceola County
Valencia college American heart association webpage
Valencia college American heart association webpage
Premise Health Online
ana g mendez university
CDA Council internet
First light Home care Google
Nemours Children’s Hospital Friend who previously took course
Valencia College American Health Association Website
Valencia College
Valencia College Online
Centra Care Google
Spring hills Google
University of South Florida Nursing Program Friend
University of Central Florida-Nursing School
Senior Home Health
Jackson Memorial Hospital American Heart Association Website
Hospital Corporation of America, Mercy Hospital Google search
N/A Online
N/A Online
N/A Online
N/A/ Online
Florida Gulf Coast Univiersity My club needs a CPR certified representative.
USF A USF instructor
University of St. Augustine, DPT Internet
Primrose Schools
rasmussen rasmussen
Southeastern University Internet searching
Work Second time taking this class.
Wharton H.S. Friend
Pepin Academies Centre for Unique Abilities, Adult Education Program AHA website
Rasmussen College Program manager
Sunshine Pulmonary Sleep Lab google
AFAA AFAA & American Heart Association websites
AHCA Prior Attendee
AHCA Prior Attendee
American medical response Google
ASG internet
Davita Davita
Gannon University AHA website
HCPS Rasmussen College
medical moffit
Parish nurse for my church, my card is expiring later this month Google search
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen college
Rasmussen nursing school Rasmussen nursing school
State of Florida Board of Pharmacy Google, took same class 2 years ago in Pinellas Park from your company.
Tower Diagnostics HCC
Accredo Health Group Internet search, used last renewal and did a great job
Brandon Regional Hospital
Brandon Regional Hospital Brandon Regional Hospital
Consulate healthcare Google
Consulate hlthcare Google
Cornerstone Medical Care Cornerstone Medical Care
Cornerstone Medical CAre office
FAU Prior attendee
First Discoveries Academy
Florida Autism Center word of mouth
Florida Hospital Internet
Florida renewal RDH Google search
Galen College School
Hillsborough community college Friend
I am a Nurse Inline
I need this for the American Council Of Exercise research website
Lakeland Regional Hospital
Maxim Online
Memorial Hospital Of Tampa Memorial Hospital Of Tampa
NA Via the internet
None Internet
none google search
Preferred Touch Home Care Google search
Rasmussen School
Rasmussen College School
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen college
Rasmussen College Rasmussen college
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Resurrection Christian School American Heart
St Petersburg College
St. Pete College
United Health Group Jennifer Shenefield RN
University of Saint Augustine AHA Site
University of St. Augustine Taken courses with you before.
Anytime Fitness Online
cna internet
Kindred at home Online
Octapharma Plasma Internet
Rasmussen College in Land’O’Lakes A poster in the student lounge
Sumter Adult Education Center online search
Sumter County Detention Center/Armor Correctional Health Services website
Required for License Previous Customer
Bethany Christian Services web search
Bethany Christian Services web search
Florida Hospital American Heart Association
Rapid CNA Rapid CNA
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College School
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College of Nursing Rasmussen College of Nursing
renewal google
Rosecastle Friend
Adventist Health Systems Online Search
Aveanna Healthcare Repeat classes
Florida Hospital Internet
James A. Haley VA Hospital previously took a course
North Tampa Behavioral Health Employer
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen college College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen
Rasmussen College of Nursing Rasmussen
Americare Google
Bayada Google
Moffitt Cancer Center Moffitt
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College Faculty
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen college Rasmussen
Sweet Child O’Mine Friend
Board of certification for Athletic Training
Hillsborough Community College Friends
Ramussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Samuel Staffing Google
south bay hospital aha website
N/A Google
Florida medical clinic Previously certified
Home Instead senior care Internet
Lakeland Regional Health Had a previous class 2 yrs ago
Midtown Clinic Internet
Mission Homecare Online
Possibly going to attend nursing school Rasmussen College
Premier Community HealthCare Group friend
Care Team Home Health Integrity Home Health
Florida Hospital Florida Hospital referred a website that offer BLS class
Florida Hospital Tampa
Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel
Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel
Home Health Agency Internet
home health agency internet
James A. Haley, VA Medical Center, Tampa FL 33612 This is the second time we are going to do our CPR Training with your company.
Jersey College online
Nu smile Internet
Rasmussen A friend
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College/ Baycare Rasmussen College
St Joseph’s Hospital Online search
Zephyrhills Correctinal Institute On line
Zephyrhills Rehabilitation
Fl EMT Certification online
Hillsborough co. Developmental Center on line
Home care Now Agency Form my office
Honor Healthcare Took BLS provider class here on 12/21/17
In Due Season LLC
North tampa behavioral
Polk State College Google
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Red White Blue CPR Online – Also* my schedule is open and I can attend class at any time/any day. Thank you! Aprile
Self Friend
Veteran’s Hospital – Tampa, FL
7Summit Ways/Liberty University Internet
Butterfly Effects
centracare website
Florida Hospital AHA web site
Florida Hospital Online
Florida Hospital Tampa
HealthSouth Rehab Hospital AHA website
Indep RN internet search
Lincoln Memorial University- Caylor School of Nursing
Medexpress Internet
Medical Solutions Medical Solutions
Mid America Health from a colleague
Mid America Health this is the third time I am attending this class
Mid America Health this is my third time to take this class
N/A On line
n/a; I am taking this so I have this education for teaching yoga. Web search “CPR Wesley Chapel”
National Academy of Sports Google Search
None Internet
North Tampa Behavioral Health
North Tampa Behavioral Health Co-worker
North Tampa Behavioral Health Work
North Tampa Behavioral Health North stamps Behavioral Health
North Tampa Behavioral Health HR at NTBH
North Tampa Behavioral Health My supervisor
NYIT Google
OT job requirement Online search
Pasco County School/PLACE Program Online Search
Pasco Hernando State College
pasco-hernando state college previously taken cpr course
Premise Health co worker
Ramussean College
rasmussen rasmussen college
Rasmussen Schook
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Through college information session
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen college Rasmussen college
Rasmussen College Online
Rasmussen Tampa/Brandon Rasmussen
Rasummen College of Nursing Same
renewing my dental hygiene license
Springbrook Hospital Google
Tampa Behavioral Health
Tampa VA Hospital My husband
University of South Florida Internet
University of South Florida online
WellCare Internet
Accredo Health Prevcious certification with you
Adventist Health System American heart Association
Arbor Greene Community/ Water Zumba Google
Baycare Online
BayCare Morton Plant Hospital Friend
BriovaRx Home Infusion Google
Florida board of nursing Google search
Florida Department of Health Google
Florida Hospital Google Search
Florida Hospital Center Ice Google Search
Florida Hospital Dade City Internet
Florida Hospital of Wesley Chapel Florida Hospital of Wesley Chapel
Florida Hospital Tampa Previously used
Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel American Heart Association
Homehealth Requirement Colleague
Hospital google
James A. Haley VA Hospital Co-worker
Jersey College School of Nursing Google
Lyf inc Previous class
Moffit online
North Tampa Behavioral Health Recommended by company
North Tampa Behavioral Health Link to website by Human Resources
Nurse on Call
Nursing licensure Online search
Pasco County Schools
Premise Health Co-worker
Publix Online search
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen college
Rasmussen College School
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen Program Manager handout
Rasmussen College New Port Richey
Rasmussen nursing school Rasmussen
Rasmussen Tampa/Brandon
RRCA Repeat Student
Self employed Home Health Therapist AHA
Smileville Dental Center previous classes
SpecialtyCare Returning customer
St. Leo University ACE
West Florida Home Health From another attendee
Anthem, Inc (I am an RN Case Manager) Google search
Assist Hands Online Engine
Bayfront Health Used before
Bayshore Health and Home Took this certification last year.
Christus Trinity Mother Frances Health System AHA website
Cna and dental ass. Online
Coast Dental Online search
Employment Online
FL Hospital Dade Cith FL Hosp
Florida hospital of Wesley chapel
Healthtrust Workforce Solutions
home health google
James A. Haley Veterans Hospital
Liberty University friend
N/A on line
Nannies Who Care Inc. online search
North Tampa behavior health
Pasco-Hernando State College, Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, Lutz Health and Rehabilitation Online
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College School
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Friend
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College-New Port Richey online
Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Hillsborough Community College AHA website
South university
State of FL Previous customer
Tampa General Hospital Google search
Better living Return
CNA Re-certification Internet
Crunch Friend
Florida Atlantic University
Hillsborough Community College of nursing online
Hospital Internet
James A Haley Va Hospital friend
James A Haley Va Hospital Tampa co-workers
None Tampa area American Health Association
Rasmussen College
rasmussen college school
Rasmussen College of Nursing The school
St Pete College American Heart Association
St Pete College St Pete College
Suncoast Health Centers on-line
University of South Florida, College of Nursing
JAHVA took before. Excellent class!!
NA I took the course before with Molly and Carol
Omni Medical Internet
South University
The Tampa VA Hospital From someone who took the course from you and was very satisfied.
va on line
Florida Hospital Tamap American Heart Association
I am the Dean of Nursing Rasmussen LOL
Medical Solutions Google search, AHA website
Medical solutions google seach
North Tampa BehVioral North Tampa. Behavioral
Occupational Therapy website
Personal. Would like to further my education and career path towards medical. Google
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen college Rassmusen
Rescue Certification for Scuba Diving Web Site
Hillsborough Community College
Comfort Keepers Took class with In-Pulse 2 yrs ago
FHPG I’ve used you in the past.
florida health/ dental hygiene
Health South Internet
Home health
James A Hayley VA hospital Returning student
Nasm Website
National Academy of Sports Medicine Internet
None Internet
Personal Training Renewal News
Rasmussen From Rasmussen
Rehabilitation and Healthcare center of Tampa Google
Rehabilitation and Healthcare center of Tampa Google
University of South Florida
Utica College
American council on exercise personal training ACE
Emory University American heart Association website
Florida Hospital Tampa
Florida hospital, LTAC, Connerton Advertisement
Galen College of Nursing Did CRP 2 years ago with you
Group Fitness Instructor Cathy Winters, our group fitness instructor, told us about you.
James A Haley VA Hospital google
Keiser university
looking new job website
Moffitt Through Moffitt
Moffitt Cancer Center Moffitt Cancer Center
North Tampa Behavioral Health Employment purposes
Nurse oncall Home health care Online
Rasmussen college Rasmussen college
Self Doctor
Usf and TGH Online
Work- fitness facility online
Acadia Website
Discovery point preschool
Florida Hospital Physicans Group Express Clinic co worker
Florida Hospital Tampa used this company before
Florida Hospital Wellness Center
Home Health Work Internet
I am seeking employment as a PACU nurse. AHA
Moffit Cancer Center Previously registered
North Tampa Behavioral health Your Job
North Tampa Behavioral Health North Tampa Behavioral Health
Pasco County Fire Rescue Internet Search
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College online
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College of Nursing College Advisor
Rasmussen college of nursing The school
State College of Florida
Integrity health services Returning student
Integrity health services Previous customer
James A. Haley hospital Google
Lakeland Regional Health Lakeland Regional Health
NASM Online search
North Tampa Behavioral Health Human Resources
Rasmussen Friend
Galen College of Nursing Google search
Hillsborough Community College On line
Lakeland Regional Hospital Lakeland Regional Hospital
Rasmussen College
Bayada Home Health Online
Brandon Regional Hospital google
Florida required Already taken here
Hillsborough Community College Taken this course here before
Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center Web search
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen School of Nursing Rasmussen
Foster parent Google
Preferred touch home care Google
Rasmussen College Rasmussen
USF online
Butterfly Effects
Butterfly Effects Butterfly Effects
Butterfly Effects, LLC past enrollment
Cornerstone Medical Care Previous class
Florida Atlantic University
Florida Hospital co worker
for myself CEU Had class with you before
Galen College of Nursing a friend
Hillsborough community college online
Kindred hospital Online
MacDill Air Force Base Have attended 2 classes prior
Maxim healthcare Google
N/A getting cna certificate Google
none google and i work near you
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen Previously attended
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen college Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
rasmussen college google
Rasmussen College School
South Bay Hospital online
Wellcare Health Plans Internet search
cornerstone medical care work
Galen college Google
Galen college of nursing Internet
Galen College of Nursing Friend referral
Personal to keep up Mother
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen School
Rasmussen College Tampa/Brandon On line search
ADA Internet
Bayada yearly renewal
Moffitt Cancer Center / St. Joseph’s Hospital – South American Heart Association Website
Nanny certification Internet
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Butterfly Effects
Flvs.net Internet
Flvs.net Internet
Flvs.net Internet
Looking for childcare work Website
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Bayarea Medical Clinic Online
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College and Florida Hospital FHWC Education Coordinator
tbgcc tbgcc
Titan Medical Aha website
Rasmussen College Rasmussen
Amedisys home health care and Family home health Online
Angel Staffing
Bardmoor Cancer Center web
BASS ABA therapy company
Baycare Attended class Oct 2017
baycare online
Baycare Health System Had same class Oct 2015 with this company
Brandon Reginal Hospital
Cornerstone Medical Cornerstone Medical
cornerstone medical care cornerstone medical care
Florida Board of Nursing Google
Florida Dental Board google
Galen college of Nursing
Gannon University AHA Website
I am a Health Care Provider Found you on the Internet
Indiana Dept of Education Internet search
Lakeland Regional Medical Center Previous class, enjoyed Tiffany G!
N/A search engine
n/a renew
N/A Google
Naphcare Inc Internet
NASM Google
NASM Nicole Grinell referred me
NASM Used you last time.
National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA -CPT)
None AHA
rasmussen school
Rasmussen College Google
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College
rasmussen college rasmussen college
Resurrection Christian School American Heart
St. Petersburg College AHA
State college of Jacksonville Google
Sterling Medical Corp AHA Website
United Health Care by email. I am a past student
work internet
Babysitter Olga Nicolas
Bioscrip online search
Hackensack Medical AHA Website
Job search Google search
Mr. I recieved my certificate from your company a couple years ago
Naphcare Previously used.
None Interwebs
Rasmussen rasmussen email
Rasmussen College American Heart Association website
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College of Nursing
Sisters Home Services Employer referral
Specialty Government Services
Veterans Hospital Online
Career Email
Amazon Internet
Bayada healthcare Google
Board of Dentistry Internet
Brandon Regional Hospital Ad
Centene Corporation website
eHealthscreenings Mariel Ojeda
Florida college of health science Online
Florida Virtual School St, Joseph Hospital
Hillsborough community college
Holistic Pediatrics Looking on line
Home health Attended in oast
Hospital Friend
James A. Haley Veterans Hospital Friend
James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital
Medical field Christina Bassan
North Tampa Behavioral Health North Tampa Behavioral Health HR
Operation PAR web search
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
rasmussen college rasmussen
Usf Online search
Uscg Online
Board of Nursing You provide CPR on our campus.
Pensacola Christian College American Heart Association online class finder
state of fl
VA Hospital Bay Pines, FL Previous Student x2
BayCare HealthCare Online
Cornerstone Medical care of brandon Cornerstone Medical care of brandon
Cornerstone Medical Care Cornerstone Medical Care
Cornerstone Medical Care
Davita Medical Group online
Davita Renal Healthcare Online
EMT recertification AHA website
Hillsborough Community College Friend
Hillsborough Community College Online
Home Instead Senior Care Internet
Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital AHA
Pediatria Healthcare for Kids Internet
Personal training Online
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen A friend
Rasmussen College
USA Swimming
Acadia health care- North Tampa Behavioral Health human resource office
Agency for Persons With Disabilities Online search
Bayada Home Health Previously used
Carrollwood Care Center online
Carrollwood Care Center Online
Florida Hospital On line add
Florida Hospital
Florida Hospital Online search
Galen College of Nursing Used before
Galen College of Nursing
Galen college of nursing yelp
Hillsborough Community College — Nursing AHA Website
Hillsborough Community College- Nursing program AHA Website
Lakeland regional health Web
n/a – Required for most job opportunities (PT) Google
none took here 2 yrs ago
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College I have taken previous classes here
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen college of nursing Rasmussen college
RRT with expired card in Feb 2018 online
SEC online
Lake Sumter State College A friend
Rasmussen Rasmussen
South Lake Hospital AHA website
Florida Family Primary Care Centers Website
My job Plaza West Rehabitation Online
Rasmussen College prior course, refer students to your courses
Rasmussen College Rasmussen
Butterfly Effects LLC internet
Butterfly effects LLC
Fawcett Medical Center prior certification
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
self Renewing my certification
South University web search
The University Of Tampa friend’s referral
University of Miami
WeCare TLC Friend
Wecare tlc Friend
WeCare TLC Internet
Yoga and Nursing Online
EMT – Firefighter School, Leary Tech Online
Na Online
Nannies Who Care I took your course 2 years ago.
Rasmussen Rasmussen
rasmussen rasmussen
rasmussen rasmussen
Rasmussen Rasmussen
rasmussen rasmussen
Rasmussen college Rasmussen college
Rasmussen College of Nursing Rasmussen College of Nursing
University of St. Augustine Google search
All the hospitals require it internet
Baycare Health System Previous customer
Davita Medical Group Previous customer
Kodawari Yoga Studio Google local search
NASM google
NASM Repeat student
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Right at Home Google
University of st Augustine Onljne
Utopia On line
Florida Hospital Florida Hospital recruiter
Florida Hospital Tampa internet
Hanson’s services healthcare Web
Rasmuessen online
Whispering Oaks Google
Advanced Nursing Solutions Looking on internet
CSI Caregiver Services American Heart Association
Florida Autism Center Co-worker
Florida Medical Clinic
James A haley VA onlin,e friend
Lincoln Memorial University AHA website
MacDill AFB
Need it for occupational therapy jobs online
Optum American Heart Association
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Utica College Online
Aya Healthcare Company referrals
Guided Path Foundation internet
N/A Google search for CPR training
N/A Google search for CPR training
Rasmussen college Rasmussen
Rasmussen college James Wright
United states coast guard
University of South Florida – College of Nursing
Moffitt Cancer Center Google search
Moffitt Cancer Center Google search
Bayfront Hospital American heart association website
Florida Autism Center
Florida Autism Center
Florida Autism Center Florida Autism Center
Hillsborough Community College Friend
I do running Tours and I teach spin- not mandatory, but my cert is outdated Google
Bayada Home Care indeed
Bayada Nurses Internet search
BayCare Google
ClearChoice Dental Implants Center online
Comfort Keepers
Florida Hospital Shantia Stubbs
Florida Hospital (Tampa) Former student
Jersey college school of nursing
michigan board of education web
North Tampa Behavioral Health Supervisor
Polk state college
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen college
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College – Tampa/Brandon Rasmussen College – Tampa/Brandon
Renaissance Senior Living Did my last renewal with this company
Rescare home aide Hcc
Sonas family health care I took the class before
SPC online
St. Joseph Hospital in Tampa online
The crossing at riverview I took your class already
University of South Florida through a friend
VA Hospital
Veritas School
Jacaranda Manor
Lake Magdalene Ac ademy taken before
Lake Magdalene ACdemy Word of mouth
NASM Friend
North Tampa Behavioral Health Google
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College of Nursing
tampa general hospital Heart.org
Tampa VA AHA website
United HealthCare Co-worker
Accredo Health Past client
Advent Health ( formerly named Florida Hospital) internet
Amt Alanda walker
Employment application Web search
Florida Hospital physician group
Granny Nannies and other nursing agencies Online
Lakeland Regional Health, University of South Florida
Lakeland Regional Health, University of South Florida
Moffitt Cancer Center
Ms. A friend
N/a Previously used
None Referral
Precision Performance Search engine
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
rasmussen college
Rasmussen college
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen college
Rasmussen College of Nursing School
St. Joseph’s Hospital Online
State License Renewal for Iowa On line search
Stratford court Google
Tampa General Hospital Online
USF AHA website
VA Karen Tripp
Visiting Angels Living Assistance Services Friend
Acadia health Google
Butterfly Effects Butterfly Effects
Florida Hospital Tampa google search
Future employment as an registered behaviour technician google search
Guided Path Foundation CEO of Guided Path Foundation
Hillsborough Community College Friend
John Hopkin’s Hospital Google
LandOLakes Primary Care Wellness Online
Moffitt Cancer Center Google
N/A online
none online
none online
Rasmussen College Internet
Rasmussen College Rasmussen
Rasmussen College of Nursing Rasmussen
the butterfly effect the butterfly effect
Uf Shands Hospital Internet
University of South Florida College of Nursing Google
University of South Florida Nursing School Castle Branch
University of Tampa
University of Tampa Google search
UTICA college google
Veterans Administration Friend
AFAA Google
Bayada Home Care Internet
Briova rx infusion On line
Bureau of Radiologic Technology Google
bureau of radiologic technology google
CNA Online
DaVita AHA website
Florida Hospital Carrollwood
Galen College of Nursing
Moffitt Online
My choice Google
Myself Searching on google and I got my previous certification with this company
North Tampa Behavioral Health Employer
Rasmussen college Rasmussen College
St. Anthony’s Hospital AHA Website
Tampa Bay Therapist and Associates Work
Tampa family health center Online
University of Florida I have previously taken this course
University Of Tampa AHA
Utopía Home Health Care Internet
Veritas nursing academy HusbAnd
AARP Foundation Friend
BayCare Online
Childrens Medical Services online
Cna Online
Florida Hospital Internet
Florida Hospital Physician Group Indeed
Florida Hospital Tampa Used previously for certification
Florida hospital tampa Florida hospital
Guided Path Foundation internet
HCC AHA Website
James haley va st joseph hosp
Lakeland Regional Health Online
Moffitt Cancer Center Moffitt Cancer Center
none from a friend
none previous client
None AHA
palm gardens google
Pediatric Health Choice Google
Rasmussen college Rasmussen college
Select Rehab Friend
senior center (volunteers)
south university google
st petersburg college
Turabo University online
Woodbridge Care Center Internet
Yani Playland Family daycare home Online
Afaa Internet
Department of defense Reddit
Specialty Government Services/MacDill AFB Medical Clinic Returning student
Tampa General Hospital Previous class
Ally Healthcare Online
AMAL REHBA CARE Google search
Brandon CNA Training AHA website
Cesar A. Lara Center for Weight and Age Management online search
FL Hospital Renewing
Florida Hospital Renewal
Florida Hospital Google
Florida Hospital google
Florida Hospital Physicians Group Adventist Google
Florida Hospital Tampa American Heart Association
Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel
Florida Swim Company
Galen College of Nursing Online
Health Trust Interim Leadership Internet Search
Hillsborough Childcare Licensing Googled CPR Training Tampa
Maxim healthcare Online
Med Express Urgent Care Online browsing
Moffit Cancer Center Moffit cancer center
Moffit hospital AHA Customer services
None Internet
Nursing Student
Physical Therapist Assistant Internet Search
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Rasmussen College
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SELF inc
South University Online
St. Joseph’s Hospital American Heart Association Class Connector
Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA American Heart Association Website
University of South Florida academic advisor
University Of South Florida College of Nursing Administrator
University of South Florida College of Nursing
Baycare Online
Florida Hospital Attended previously
Healthcare Online
Hillsborough community college
Hillsborough County Children Services
Hillsborough County Children’s Services Department American Heart Association
Home Health Online
Inova Children’s Hospital previously took my course here and I need to renew.
Moffitt Cancer Center
NASM internet
NASM Google
NASM Online
US Army Website
American Council on Exercise American Council on Exercise
Brandon regional hospital Brandon regional hospital
BRH Google
Childcare Wed search
Davita Medical Group American heart assoc
Florida Autism Center
Florida Hospital Carrollwood online
gym google
Husson University
KCI 247
Leisure A friend
Massage therapy- renewal Friend
No place like home care Friend
None Attended your classes before.
Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Internet
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Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College
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Rasmussen School of Nursing
State College of Florida
Sunstar Paramedics
University of South Florida sports office A friend
Home care now Internet
Rasmussen tampa/brandon
Baycare Co-Worker
Baycare Internet
Board of dentistry Email
Butterfly Effects LLC The company listed above
Davita Medical Group Internet Search
Davita Medical Group Friend
DHA Email
Florida Hospital Carrollwood
Galen Internet
Minute Clinic Online
North Tampa Behavioral Health Employer
Pure Barre
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
RDH and Dental Assisting Instructor requirement Repeat customer
The Homecare Team
University of Cincinnati I did my CPR certification with this company two years ago.
University of Cincinnati Former customer
University of South Florida American Heart association
USF Pediatrics
American Council on Exercise ACE website
Baycare AHA
Boy Scouts – Lifeguarding website
Florida Hospital
Florida Hospital AHA recommended
Florida Hospital Tampa
Heart of Adoptions Through Heart of Adoptions
NCBTMB web/previous classes
None Web Search
PRIDE Strength Training Google
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Rasmussen Rasmussen
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Rasmussen College (for nursing degree) Rasmussen
RN recertification internet
South University, St. Pete College American Heart Association website
St. Joseph Hospital- dental assistant
The University of Tampa
Trinity medical center Online
University of South Florida classmate
University of Tampa
ACE Fitness American Heart Association website
Belleair health care center Taken previous course
Florida Hospital
Florida Hospital Tampa Website
Hospital Intranet
Hospital work
John Hopkins Hospital Colleague
Largo Medical Hospital Internet search
Nursing Board AHA online
rasmussen college online
Rasmussen College – New Port Richey Rasmussen College
Select Physical Therapy AHA
USF Nursing School AHA Website
VA online search
ACE online
ACSM Online
Salus Tampa bay A friend
Tgh Previously attended
Doublemint Sitting LLC
Florida Hospital Tampa For Florida Hospital Tampa
Harmony Home Health online search
HCA Online
Madison Correctional Inst previous student
Arbors staffing Website
Bayada Nurses Website
Bon secours Google
Comfort Keepers Google search
Consulate healthcare of Tampa, Florida Online
Dental previous classes
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James A Haley VA Hospital I did with AHA before, search on line
n/a online
n/a online
None Online
Utica College
Utica College
Abor Staffing Internet
Central Care Urgent Care Online
Medical school I just searched in internet
NASM certification Google
Orthotic Prosthetic Centers employer
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Saint Pete College web search
USF Health Returning Customer
Advanced Medical Resources/ Medsurant Holdings I had my previous CPR card throught In Pulse at Rasmusen College
Adventist Health System Online
Agency for Community Treatment Services, Inc. (ACTS) online
AMA web search
AMN Healthcare
Bay care
Baycare AHA
Bayfront Health St. Petersburg Had BLS certification from In Pulse before
Brandon Regional
Catalano register nurse Family
Cora Physical Therapy
CVS Repeat customer
DELTA Academy
Dental hygiene license I took your course last year
Department Veterans Affairs Online
FHWC friend
fl dept of health used previous
Florida Hospital Florida Hospital
Florida Hospital co-worker
Florida Hospital
Florida Hospital Physicians Group co-worker
Florida hospital Wesley Chapel co-worker
Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel Wellness Plaza
Florida HospitaTampa Return student
Florida Medical Clinic Previous Student
Genesis Health and Rehab Internet
HCA Company
Hcc Internet
Heath and Wellness Center – Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel on line search
Home instead senior care Google
hospital Took BLS class with company 2 years ago.
Hospital I’m a previous client
Hospital Online
I’m a personal trainer
James A Haley VA Hospital Tampa FL Previous student
James A. Haley VA Hospital Thorugh Carol Johnson, RN.
James A. Haley VA Medical Center Internet
James A. Haley Veterans Hospital Co-worker who attended your class
James A. Haley Veterans Hospital Internet
James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital Previously taken course with In-Pulse CPR
Kindred Hospital Central Tampa
La Fitness Online
Maxim Healthcare google
Middleton High School – HOPE I called St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa.
N/A website
Naphcare AHA
None AHA website
None Friend
North Tamp Behavorial Health through the new employer
North Tampa Behavioral Health friend
North Tampa Behavioral Health
North Tampa behavioral health
North Tampa Behavioral Health North Tampa Behavioral Health
Nursing School online
Pasco-Hernando State College
Pharmacist Immunization Certificate American Heart Associated online
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Registered Nurse Returning student
Self Found online
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U.S. Coast Guard
University of Florida Google
University of Florida College of Pharmacy
University of Miami AHA
University of South Florida Online
USAF online search
value care internet
Visiting Angels Caregiver
Walgreens AHA
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Department of Veterans Affairs repeat customer
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St. Petersburg College
Rasmussen College of Nursing
university of florida
PRN for multiple companies Google
University of Saint Augustine AHA
Right at Home Right at Home
Saint Petersburg College American Heart Association
St. Petersburg College
St. Petersburg College Online
St. Petersburg College PTA program AHA
Sunstar Paramedics
Ability Rehabilitation Taken Course Previously
Butterfly Effects google search
Empath Health Online search
Fearless Mobile Climbing Websearch
La fitness/silver sneakers training Internet search
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Saint anthonys Internet
Saint Petersburg College
Rasmussen College Tampa/Brandon
TreeUmph job application online search
boys and girls club online
First Light Home Care Employer
FirstLight Home Care FirstLight Home Care
Hillsborough Community College Friend
johns hopkins all childrens hospital fran keane
none sister
North Tampa Behavioral Health Employer
SPC Online
Springs at Boca Ciega Interested
St. Petersburg College – Nursing
Bayfront, HCA, CPAPmedical internet
Dental Hygiene license and general knowlege Friend
NASM Google search
Rasmussen School
Winn Dixie Pharmacy on line
CSi Catalano’s Internet
Self Online
USF Cardiology Practice Internet
Heart of Adoptions web
VA Repeat student
CPR Friend
DaVita Medical Group Online
First Light Home Care Internet
Guardian Angels Internet
HRC/ Northside Hospital Google
Nasm Google
needed renewal through phone call on back of BLS license
none internet
North side hosp. Web ad
Northside Hospital HR in Northside Hospital
Pediatric ENT
SPC online
St. Petersburg College, EMT Program EMT orientation
Veterans Affairs Veterans Affairs
Agency Visiting Angels Online
All About Independence Google
Bay Pines Hospital coworker
Central Neurology
Dental hygiene license searched the web
Florida Board of Dentistry American Heart Association website
Galen College of Nursing Google
new employer classmate
None Google
Nurse core Nurse core
RN renewal license google
rose radiology coworker
Sea School My wife
St pete college emt American heart association
St Petersburg College friend
Take Care Internet search
Utica College online
Veteran Administration Bay Pines Veterans Administration
FirstLight Home Care Company Requires Certificate
Northern Tier High Adventure Base Online Search
Care Ride Found on internet
Care Ride Searching online
Jacaranda Manor website
N/A Google searxh
NorthSide Hospital Online
St Petersburg College – Nursing
VA Healthcare Systems Internet search
SPC All nurses
Galen college of nursing
HCA/ Northside Hospital online
Hospice Internet
Kindred at Home Internet
LPN Google
Maxim Healthcare Website
n/a online search
None Google
Pinnacle Home Health Pinnacle Home Health
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Signature Healthcare of Pinellas Park, Fl. Google search engine
St. Petersburg College
American Council on Excercise (ACE) AHA
Bayfront Hospital AHA website
CAN Community Health Internet
Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital This is the required organization by JHACH
N/A google
N/A google
NASM I attended one of your classes for my original CPR/AED certification.
National Academy of Sports Medicine internet
quest on line
Utica College AHA
Utica College ABSN AHA wesbite
Leigh Antonsen
Valforce Previously took BLS course at this location
Achieve Behavior Partners Internet
BayCare St Joesph’s Hospital Google
CNA took before
Empath Health Taken course before
First light home care First light home care
Florida State University Friend
Largo Medical Center Previously attended
Nannies Who Care online
None Online
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Rasmussen Rasmussen
Work Previously used this company
Baycare Coworker
Baycare School
Fl Online School, US Coast Guard
Fl Online School, US Coast Guard
Florida Board of Dentistry Online search
Florida Dental Hygienist Association Online
Largo Medical American Heart Association website
Nursing job got my certification from in pulse 2 years ago
Pinellas Pediatrics
Pinellas Pediatrics
Pinellas Pediatrics
Pinellas Pediatrics co-workers
SPC College of Nursing Online
Home Instead Senior Care Internet
PAT license renewal Google search
Publix previous classes
south university I’ve used this before
SPC Health Education Center
Uma My instructor
BLS Recertification-Pharmacist Website
Davita Medical Group On line
Juvenile Services Program, Inc
NASM recommendation
Rasmussen College Program Advisor
Rasmussen College School
RN Used previously
SPC Health Education Center
Suncoast Hospice a Member of Empath Health, Clearwater online
Teacher – renewing Online
Baycare Friends
Baycare Friends
Polk State College google
work google
brookdale – freedom square seminole fl friend
Dept of Veterans Affairs Online search
Healthtrust online
Renewal of dental license
Community health centers of pinellas Google
Community Health Centers of Pinellas Google
DaVita Medical Group Google
I am self employed Used you all before
LPN License
my contracts
NASM Google
St. Petersburg College Previous nursing student
Treasure Island Fire Rescue AHA Website
American Counsel on Exercise American Heart Association
Drexel University AHA website
For job propects Online
Galen College of Nursing
Galen college of nursing A friend
Galen college of nursing Friend
Hospital I have been taking my BLS class with you guys in the last few years.
Job as a physical therapist assistant Online
N/A Taken a class before
None Online google
Personal training certification
PPEC Friend
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College of Nursing Friend
Seasons Hospice
University of North Florida online
Dental License – work at NPR VA Dental Clinic connected to James A Haley VA Hospital Online – googled BLS Provider Pinellas County – then talked with great receptionist on phone
none n/a
Select Physical Therapy
St. Petersburg College Internet
Work Online
Agency for Persons with Disabilities Internet search
HCA Imternet
St. Petersburg College
Ageless Placements went online
Baycare Health System Took the classes 2 yrs ago from you
Belleair Healthcare Center Friend
Belleair SNF Friend
Cross Terrace Rehan On line
Florida Board of Dentistry Websit
Largo Medical Center Internet
Largo Medical Center (HCA) Online
Mobile Personal Services Google
None Google
none- yet! online search
-please select-
Saint Petersburg College online
Will be applying for a job as a PTA and need to be recertified. From a co- woker with In Motion Rehab
Work Did it 2 years ago
Yoga Instructor Through a friend
All children hospital Internet
All children’s hospital Internet
American Council on Exercise (ACE) Internet
Baycare Internet
Davita Medical Internet
Griswold homecare online
Guardian Angel Home Care Services, Inc. Web search
Interim Health Care HR officer
Largo Medical Center Internet search
Oaks of Clearwater Took your class last time
Out of healthcare field for almost 3 years. Am RN need refresher/recertification AHA website/customer service
South University
United Health Care internet
Dental Hygiene CPR renewal Google search
none google search online
Pinellas Urology Online
St. Petersburg Community College onlineAHA.org
Sunshine Health Online
Write Start Learning Center Write Start Learning Center
BayCare St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital and University of South Florida I get my recertification with you guys every 2 years!
Heron House Indian Rocks Assisted Living Friend
St. Petersburg College Repeat student
St. Petersburg College School of Nursing online search
St.petersburg college A friend
United Medical Systems Online
University of South Alabama previous class
Walgreens Online
Bayfront Medical Center Google
Brookdale / Freedon Square Returning customer – RENEWAL [BLS PROVIDER EXP JUN 30, 2018
Coast Dental a friend
HCA Internet
Occupational Therapy renewal Google
Rasmussen College
requirement for advanced scuba and personal trainer certifications American Heart Association website
requirement for Dental Hygienist license took your class before
The Heart Institute Internet
St. Petersburg College
UCF Google Search
University of South Florida College of Nursing American Heart Association
ABA Solutions Inc. Company
Mrs. On-line
Tampa General Hospital
Bay Pines VA Was trained by you guys 2 years ago
Bayfront Medical AHA
cna on line
Harbourwood health and rehab Online
HCA pre-employment Google search
I’m applying for a job in the Hospitals. From Baycare, Northside HCA and other institutions
Mortan Plant Hospital Internet
Northside Hopital Online
Rasmussen Online
Access2care Internet
BayCare AHA Website
Baycare Found on internet
FL for EMT Google
Florida Autism Center
John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Returning
just want to know how on line
just want to know how, babysitting on line
Kindred Hospital St. Petersburg Online
Largo Medical Center Internet
SeniorBridge Found on line 2 years ago and now email reminder
St. Petersburg college School
St. Petersburg College Friend
State of Florida searched the web
University of Washington School of Rehabilitation Medicine American Heart Association
work www
Galen Nursing College online
Nursing home job Internet
DCF google
Lakeland Regional Medical Center Lakeland Regional Medical Center
Lpn license Google
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College
South University – OTA Program
Tampa General Hospital Took class with you all before
ACE personal training re-certification Google
Bay Care On line
DAVITA online search
LRH Word of mouth.
Maxim Home Care google search
none friend took cpr with you
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College gave me the link.
Tampa General Hospital Internet
Assisting Hands Home Care Internet
Assisting Hands Home Care Online
Assisting Hands HomeCare Internet
Detroit tiger inc.
Lakeland Regional Hospital Internet
MECEM Lynda Johnson
NASM Online
State of Florida / AHA Lynda Johnson
VA Hospital Took this class with you before.
Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami Website
BayCare Health System Internet
Lakeland Regional Health Work
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
South University Physician Assistant program
Sparrow Academy Online
Sparrow Academy Online
Sparrow Academy Online
Stryker, and Valencia hills health and rehab center
Brightstar Care Had Class before
Consulate Healthcare I have done CPR with In-Pulse before. Got re-certification e-mail.
Galen College of Nursing internet
Highsmith Early childhood learning center Web surfing
Lakeland Regional medical center and Galen college of Nursing AHA website
NASM Online
pipkin pharmacy
Reliance Medical Centers I have used you before
US Healthworks AHA website
Goodwill online
Hillsborough Community College AHA
Home Instead Web serch
Lakeland Regional Health previous class
Publix previous class
Walmart Google
Dedicated Senior Medical Center On line search.
EMT Internets
Florida Hospital prior cert with your company, it was an excellent experience
Lakeland Regional Medical Center American Heart Association
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
CVS Minute Clinic Online search
James A Haley VA From a peer
Lakeland regional health
Lakeland Regional Health Lakeland Regional Health
Lakeland Regional Health Lakeland Regional Health
N/A Used previously for BLS certification
Employer Friend
Highsmith Early Childhood Learning Center Online
Opis Google
Berkley Charter School Internet
Care Options Home Health care Internet
CSL PLasma Internet
Florida Autism Center Florida Autism Center
Florida Hospital
Nursing Online
Nursing Online
Polk state college
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rehab Frontier friend
Rasmussen College
CSL Plasma Intenet
Lakeland Regional Medical Center
None Looked up AHA CPR classes online
Rasmussen school
South University- Physician Assistant School Online
celebration high school instructor
Davita Internet
Heart of Florida Physician Group previously certified by the company
KEDPlasma AHA Website
orlando health google
Valencia College Class Connector – AHA
Chapter’s Health Systems internet
Chapter’s Health Systems internet
Encompass Health Attended 2 yr ago
Lakeland Regional Medical Center Hospital
Maxim Healthcare Services Co-worker
Preferred Home Health Internet
Galen College of Nursing oniine
Walmart Previous
Florida Hospital Sebring Campus Florida Hospital
Adventist University of Health Sciences and Nebraska Union Adventist University American Heart Association
CHS co-worker
Galen College of Nursing Classmate
I’m a nurse in need of recertification. Google
N/a Google
N/A Renewal Email
N/A Previous Course
Fresenius American heart association.
Life care center Internet
Southern technical college Web
LRH Online
Rehab Access, LLC Online
LRH Previous attendee
Macdill AFB Ortho Clinic Co worker
Parent Daughter
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen college
Nursing Home google
Nasm Google
Rasmussen Rasmussen
South Florida State College
NASM Personal Training website
Corizon health Google
DaVita Dialysis Co worker
lakeland regional hospital website
lakeland regional hospital website
Maxim Health Care Coworker
Lakeland regional medical center
rasmussen college
School Rasmussen
Travel Med USA I have taken the class in the past.
United States Department of Agriculture Animal & Plant Health Inspection Services others in the office have taken classes here before.
AFAA – Group Fitness Certification Online Search
Galen school of nursing a friend
Lakeland Regional Health
Florida Gulf Coast University
Lake Land Methadone Clinic Social media
Florida Hospitals friend
Heart of Florida regional medical center
Valencia College – EMT technical certificate Online
Waterman Hospital AHA web site
Comfort keepers Online
Florida Autism Center Google
Florida SouthWestern State College friend
FSW EMS program Online
Lee Health Online
Lee Health Used before
private home care previous attendance
Rasmussen College Online
Southern Technical College internet
Work Online
Nurse Online
Jt private duty Online yahoo
Select Rehab online
Southwest public service academy
Florida Southwestern College
Medex On line / google
Mefnec Mrdnex
Rasmussen Rasmussen Dean of Nursing
Rochester Regional Health Internet
Walmart Pharmacy Colleague
Emt Online
Florida SouthWestern State college
saluscare, inc
Winkler Court
CNA license internet
Coastal Care Internet
Coastal Care Internet
Florida Gulf Coast University(Nursing program)
Fort Myers Fire Academy Reference
Fort Myers Technical College I attended a class on 9/24/16.
Hospital Internet
i am a licensed social worker previous student
Lee memorial hospital/hospitals in general require American heart association certified Online
Rasmesson College Rasmusson College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Smiles with care Internet
CVS pharmacy
Discovery Day Academy (private school) Found online when researching places… Your course description on your site stated I would have fun and learn the techniques. No other place stated that… So, your facility got my business! : )
Florida Southwestern State College From my college’s Radiology program
Florida Southwestern State College online
Fmtc Online
lee Health / perfusion.com
Lee Memorial Another training company
NCH Internet
None Online
None Online
Public Service Academy Online
USA Hockey Google Search/General Knowledge
Armor Correctional Previous class
DaVita Dialysis Email from prior year certification
Florida southwestern state college
Hope Hospice (they do not have any upcoming classes, that fit with my schedule) From Winkler Court, Ft Myers. i took the class through them 2 years ago
Nanny Goggle
Nasm Internet
Steeping Stones Kids Therapy Internet Search
The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
Aegis Therapies Online
Broward Community College through school
Dragonfly Yoga and Pilates
Florida Board of Dentistry Previously took cpr
Lee Health Internet search
Lee Health
Lee Health Google
Lee Health/FGCU Internet search
N/A Online
N/A Internet
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College
Around the Clock Fitness Google search
Crunch Fitness Google
Dragonfly Yoga and Pilates
Florida Southwestern State College google
Florida SouthWestern State College
Lee memorial hospital Looked on line for AHA CPR class
Loyal Source Contracting Services Loyal Sour
Nursing School online research
Publix Supermarkets Previous attendee
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College of Nursing From my Dean. This training is offered at no cost to Rasmussen employees
State of Florida Firefighter
walmart pharmacy walmart pharmacy
21st century oncology
ACE i have been to your certifications in Orlando.
Dental hygienist Co worker
Lee Memorial Hospital online
Nanny Agency Referral
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Tony DiCosta Fitness web search
United Health Care internet search
Aspen Dental Online
Collier County Gov Internet
Hodges University AHA
Hodges University AHA
Montessori School of Fort Myers
NAHP Online search
Park royal hospital Online
Southwest Florida Public Service Academy
University of South Alabama Website
Consulate Care
Florida southwestern
Physicians Regional Medical Center
Southwest Florida Public Service Academy From a former firefighter
University of South Alabama Google Search
Wingate University website
WITS, AFAA, SFA previous customer
American Council on Exercise Took course with In Pulse 2 yrs ago
Board of Dentistry Web
Dental license renewal online
Dental licensure online
Florida Board of Dentistry Online/friend
Florida Dental,Association/ ADA Friend/Google
job internet AHA
National Staffing Solutions I got my BLS certificate with In Pulse CPR 2 years ago.
Pinnicle Home Health, RN Attended class before.
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
St. Hilary’s Episcopal Church Internet
United Health Group
US Sailing Online
A.I.T Home Health
South Best Home Care Website
Veterans Affairs Coworker
Girl Scouts AHA
N/A Online
Na Did course there in the past
Ohio State University Google
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Royal Palm Academy Online search
Smiles with care Friend
USCG Internet
Certification for Personal Training internet
Doctor’s Choice Home Care Previous student
Florida Southwestern State College Online
Immokalee ITech Online
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College A family member
Crunch Fitness USF professor recommendation
DaVita Online
Dunbar High School Website
Florida SouthWestern State College The AHA website
Florida Southwestern State College Instructed to do this class by my Nursing school
Keiser university Refered through feildwork coordinator
rasmussen college
Charlotte Technical Center
Needed for most jobs in the healthcare field online
solaris healthcare internet search
bfpg hospital repeat cust
Twin Rivers Pathways
Corizon Health Taken classes before
Florida SouthWestern State College FSW Application
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rassmussen – Tampa/Brandon Rasmussen
Rasmussen School
Rasmussen College School of Nursing From college for entrance
Florida Southwestern State University Florida Southwestern State University
Florida State College at Jacksonville Internet search
Department of veterans affairs looking for weekend course on line
Florida SouthWestern State College Nursing Program friend
Fort myers technical college A friend
Lee County School District
Montessori School of Fort Myers
National Academy of Sports Medicine Online Search
Rasmussen college Rasmussen college
Rasmussen School of Nursing School
Dr.s office on-line
Florida Autism Center
Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida gulf coast university
Fort Myers Technical College Fort Myers Technical College website
FSW nursing school Online
none internet
nursing school online
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
YouthWorks Google
DaVita Dialysis Previously taken cpr class
Florida Southwestern State College Google
Gulf Coast Medical Center My mother did this program,
Heritiage Health care and Rehab Center Naples Previous Class
Immokalee technical collage
Lee Health Lee Health
Loyola University- Stritch School of Medicine online
Personal training Google
Pinnacle Home Care Browse google
Promise hospital Internet
Rasmussen Rasmessen
Rasmussen Rasmessen
Rasmussen college Rasmussen
Rasmussen College
Express Training Services online
FSW for nursing program entrance Facebook
Keys Cardiology Google
NurseCore prior experience
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen Rasmussen
To be a Companion Online
Corrections Medical Group internet
Im a cna that works for executive care Another agency
Rasmussen College
biotest online
Fort Myers EMT/Firefighter program in Michigan street online searches
Greystone/ Florida Rehabilitation Google
hospital looked online
NASM From a trainer from NASM
Self Online
EMT Certificate. AHA CPR Website search
FGCU Friend
Fort Myers fire academy American heart association
FSW School
Lee health American heart association
Park Royal Hospital Civil Air Patrol
Tidewell Hospice; Practicing RN; New APRN certification Online
Rasmussen College Email
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
N/A I just realized mine expired in May and I am a PRN nurse online
Rasmussen College
State College of Florida State College of Florida mentioned about this for the nursing applicants
Challenged Minds Learning Center Searched on the internet
FSW Internet
Park Royal Hospital Google
Rasmussen Rasmussen program manager
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College
Ft myers public service Academy EMT Internet
na friend
Rasmussen Institution
Rasmussen College Rasmussen college
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen Nursing School Rasmussen
Assisted Home Health, Inc.
Cape Christian Church as their EMS provider Yelped
Fort myers fire academy
Leesar Word of mouth
No Online
rasmussen rasmussen
NASM Online
Florida Southwestern State College Online
Gulfshore Home Care
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College School
Suncoast Perfusion Services, Inc Internet
ACE Personal Trainer Google Search
Ambitrans Online
Florida Southwestern State College Edna Shields
Personal Traning Certification The American Heart Association
Rasmussen College ” ”
Keiser University Through the American Heart Association’s class search tool.
State of Maine Massage Therapy Board Web Search
Guadalupe Center
Health Force Online
Itech Itech
Winn Dixie Internet
James Haley Veterans Administration Hospital Co-worker
West coast southern ambulance
CAN Community Health Website
CAN Community Health Website
CAN Community Health
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College
will be need it for school and for job Rasmussen college
BayVue Rehabilitation in Bradenton, FL Internet
Hillsborough Community College Nursing Program google
Rasmussen Nursing School Rasmussen
University of South Flordia Nursing Graduate Admissions University of South Florida Nursing Graduate Admissions
Galen Friend
NASM Online
VA hospital
Florida Autism Center Boss referred link to me.
Terraces Online
Bowes Imaging center Previous Attendee
National Assoc of Health Professionals online
Rasmussen college nursing Rasmussen college
Menorah Manor Myakka City Fire Department
Fawcett memorial hospital
Charlotte County Public Schools
Bush Garden Internet
Hillsbourough Community College google
Pre employment Internet
Venice Hospial previous student
Sarasota Memorial Hospital Previous student
CNA Online
FGCU – Florid Gulf Coast University school referral
NASM Trainer Recertification
Citrus Memorial Hospital Internet
HCA Google
Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center
Rasmussen College Online
Better at Home home health Prior student
Centers of Ocala Google search
Trilogy HHC Heart.org
Maxim Online site
Citrus High School Attended your class twoo years ago
Citrus High School Attended your class twoo years ago
Tricare on-line
Tricare on-line
Maxim Health care Maxim Health care
Maintain Currency with my Radiologic Technologist Requriements Online
ACE Google
CFU online
Currently a Zumba Instructor. Need CPR/AED Certification for several locations. Internet search of Florida and MN classes
Home Health Company Online search
Mederi Caretenders Online search
ATA Career internet search
Citrus Memorial Hospital Internet
College of Central Florida Friend
College of Central Florida Google
Home Health online
License AHA
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NASM CPT course CPT course recommendation
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Inverness Family Practice internet
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Work Been before
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Interim Healthcare
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College of Central Florida for Nursing Jenny D’Costa
Zefon Interanational Safety Manager
Zefon Interanational Safety Manager
Zefon Interanational Safety Manager
Zefon Interanational Safety Manager
Zefon Interanational Recert
Zefon International Safety Manager
Zefon International Safety Manager
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Dr. Class two years ago
Gainesville V.A. Hospital This is my 3rd time going to in pulse for class
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Assisting Hands In class
Assisting Hands In class
ATA Career Education Michael Franklin
ATA career education Mike franklin
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Baycare Online
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Baycare Internet
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Horizon Home Health Care I am a returning CNA up for renewal
In order to teach yoga, It is strongly recommended to get it, also I work in Event planning and we never know when something can happen google
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Angel Care
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CVS Internet
Family and friends
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IN-Pulse CPR
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Moffitt Cancer Center
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Florida Board of Nursing I took a class from you 2 years ago.
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California School of Podiatric Medicine at Samuel Merritt University AHA website
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Church Mom took the class before
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National Academy of Sports Medicine (Personal Trainer) recertified 2 years ago with this company
None I was a Federal Healthcare Worker for 37 years prior to retirement
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Pasco-Hernando State College Teacher
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Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rassmussen College
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Security officer on line
University of South Florida
University of South Florida, graduating May 2018 with a BSN, need to renew for my job! I got my first BLS certification here 2 years ago!
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BRPT Online
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Trinity medical center AHA
US Coast Guard Net
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Applying for transporter job in the future. Online
Avid4 Adventure, Summer Springboard Program American Heart Association website
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First Light Homecare
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Florida hospital north Pinellas Co worker
Florida Hospital North Pinellas
Florida Hospital Tampa
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Medical Center of Trinity
Medical Center of Trinity
Medical Center of Trinity Repeat client (3rd time)
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Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
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Rasmussen College of Nursing Rasmussen College of Nursing Seminar
Rasmussen College-Land O Lakes Rasmussen College
Senior Helpers Online
to be an AHA i need the certification and to work in Assistant living Facilities as well I took my two courses with you 2 years ago
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City of St. Petersburg Attended your excellent class previously
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Encompass Rehab Hospital Internet search
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Florida Hospital
Florida Hospital North Pinellas Aha
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Planet Fitness previously used
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Rasmussen Rasmussen
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Rasmussen College
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Utopia Home Healthcare Online
ACHA, private insurance institutions search engine
ACHA, private insurance institutions search engine
ACHA, private insurance institutions search engine
AHCA, private insurance institutions
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Baycare Online
BayCare Health Systems Previous Liscense
Bayfront St Pete Labor And Delivery I Have Ised You In The Past
Cigna Online
Company Rasmussen college
Consulate Health Care of Safety Harbor On line
First Light Home Care First Light Home Care
Florida Dental Hygiene License had used in past
Florida hospital Wesley chapel
Galen College of Nursing AHA
Home Instead Senior Care Home Instead Senior Care
Hope United Methodist Church online
Hospital A friend
James Hailey VA Medical Center internet
John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Coworker
Maxim Healthcare, Clearwater, FL Recent student
Medical Center Online
Medical Center of Trinity Used before
Medical Center of Trinity Educational Department
Morton Plant North Bay Hospital
New to area, applying for RN position AHA
northbay hospital google
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Pinellas County Schools internet
PT Solutions
Rasmussen College Marina McLoone
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Friend
Rasmussen College Rasmussen
Rasmussen College American Heart Association website
Rasmussen College of Nursing Online
Rasmussen community college
Rehab action Internet
Renewal for CNA License Previous Student
RN previous client
RN previous client
Trinity hospital
Trinity med center Internet
Veteran’s Health Administration Co-worker
West Pasco Pregnancy Center Friend
work / school / myself Google
Baycare Online
Baycare Internet
BayCare Morton Plant Hospital
davita dialysis website
Department of Children and Familes for In-Home Childcare Providers Google Search
Devita Medical internet
Eckerd connects
employment enternet
First light home care First light home care and
First Light Home Care on-line
First Light Home Care First Light Home Care
Florida College of Health Science on line
HCA hospital (Trinity) Looked it up online. All the classes at the hospital were full and I’m about to expire
Health south Online
Health south Online
Home health agency online
Hospital Online
MHM AHA website
Mhm services Past student
National Childhood Development Renewal License Online
North Tampa Behavior web search
Oak Hill Hospital Internet
Oak Hill Hospital Online
Palm Garden
Premier Community Healthcare Student of previous classes.
Rasmussen Google
Rasmussen School advisor
Rasmussen College Online
Regional Medical Center Internet
Regional medical center of Bayonet Point/ Rasmussen College google.com
Renewal Internet search
Security Gaurd
Solaris, rasmussen Rasmussen
UCLA online
UCLA Online
US Renal Care Previous
Access healthcare Online
ACE internet
ALF On line
American College of Sports Medicine a friend
APD previous student
Assisting Hands My friend, Carrie Esposito, attended to your CPR + First Aid in the past.
Assisting Hands My friend, Carrie Esposito, attended to your CPR + First Aid in the past.
Assisting hands home care in Pasco Internet
Bayada Online
Bayada home health Online inquiry
Baycare internet
Baycare Website
Baycare Google
Bayfront health Spring Hill. Hospital Looked up online
Bayonet Point Online
Bear Creek Nursing Center, Hudson, Florida My wife
BRPT registry renewal online
Care Giver Services
Consulate Health Care Google
CSI- Caregiver Services, Inc., Largo, Florida American Heart Association website
Department of Veterans Affairs Co-Worker
District School Board of Pasco County School
firstlight home care employer
FLVS Health Opportunities through Physical Education course, and personal interest
HCA Online
health care job
Home helpers Home helpers
I’m looking for employment and I know this will help on my journey Online
Independent Contractor Internet
Kids Kicking High online
land o lakes primary care wellness ctr co worker
Life care center of New Port Richey Web
Lutz Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center AHA website
Maxim Healthcare Internet
Medical Center of Trinity
Medical Center of Trinity From a friend
Medical Center of Trinity Internet
Mobile Personal Service internet
mps friend
NA Daughter
None Google
None at this time online
NorthBay onlie
Pasco county schools Online
PHSC american heart association website
Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness Previous users
planet fitness planet fitness
ProMed Friend
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rasmussen rasmussen
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen American Heart Association website
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College Google
Rasmussen College Google
Rasmussen College
Rasmussen college new port richey Google
Rasmussen New Port Richey/West Pasco Campus Rasmussen enrollment packett
Robyn’s Nest internet
Senior Helpers Home Health Care Website
Signature Healthcare Online
Southern Pines Health Care Facility Online
St. Petersburg College online
The Goodman Group Previoys Employer
Trinity behavioral health Online search
University of Florida Online
USAF AHA web site
VA have certified with you in 2016
Wendell krinn Technical High School School
AMR parent
Bayonet Point
Empath Health Online
Florida Autism Center word of mouth
Kaplan University Google
Medical Center of Trinity Supervisor
Medical field AHA website
None We took your class 2 years ago at Rasmussen college
North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital
Physical Therapist
Pinnacle Home Care went on line to search for specific location
Pinnacle Home Care on line
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Rasmussen
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College americanheart.org
Rasmussen College- School of Nursing Online search
Rasmussen PTA
Senior express Internet
Senior express Internet
St. Petersburg College Google
Trinity Hospital Online
Home instead Home instead
American Dental Association Existing customer
American Dental Association Existing customer
Florida Atlantic University
Healttrust staffing.com Look it up
NASM Previously attended course in 2016.
Rasmussen College Student
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Safeway Pharmacy used before
SPC Moffitt
St Petersburg College
St. Petersburg College Google
St. Petersburg College Physical Therapist Assistant program Aha website
Suncoast hospice on line search
usf online
YouFit website
HCA Google search
1st light home care 1 st light home care
Alliance Imaging Used you all before
Anytime Fitness Google
Department of Veterans Affairs co-worker
FirstLight Home Care First light home care
Florida southern nursing program Aha website
Fresenius College
Galen College of Nursing Google
None Google
Nursing License Internet
Nursing School Online Search
Peninsula Care and Rehab, Tarpon Springs FL On line re-certification approaching renewal date
Rasmussen Online
Rasmussen college Online
Saint Peteresburg College EMT School American Heart Association
American Council on Exercise Google
aspire home care web
Comfort Keepers AHA
Dental Hygiene License Taken course with you in the past.
JCA Online
Keystone Home Health online
medericaretenders been to your class before
Medical Center if Trinity Online
none Previous certification
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College Rasmussen
Rasmussen College School
Rasmussen College Rasmussen college
St. Pete College Online search
St. Petersburg College forum
Tampa General Hospital prior certifications
Davita Online
Florida Hospital North Pinellas Florida Hospital
Physician My husband
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College Ula Meyer
Sports Chiropractic Retaking from last year
State of Florida have taken course with you
ymca online
Baycare Health / Mease Countryside Hospital Online search
Bayshore HomeCare Returning customer
I am an RN renewing my BLS certification Have attended this course with this company for renewal in the past years
senior helpers home health care website
SPC School
Spc nursing School
SPC Nursing
Children’s Medical Services online google
Empath Hospice
Empath Health Co worker
Florida Hosp North Pinellas
Florida Hospital North Pinellas Saw your sign on 19 in Palm Harbor
Florida Hospital North Pinellas Saw the Palm Harbor office on 19.
Florida Hospital North Pinellas Took class with your company 2 years ago
Hawkins Construction Company CP101, Facebook
Home Instead senior care
N/A Internet search
N/A Internet search
Pasco County Fire Rescue Online
Rasmussen School
Remise Health Solutions
SPC Nursing Program SPC
Tampa Community Hospital Internet
ARRT Friend
Baycare Baycare
Home Helpers as a Categiver Through my Compsny Home Helpers
Home Instead Senior Care Employer
Home Instead Senior Care Emplyer
In-Pulse CPR BLS Instructor Class
N/A Online
none online
Northside Hospital/Oak Hill Hospital I am a returning customer.
All American Wellcare Boss
Allergy America internet search
Aureus Medical Staffing internet
Bayshore Health Services Took class from you two years ago
Brightstar Care Brightstar Care
brightstar care brightstar care
brightstar care brightstar care
Clearwater Marine Aquarium Online search
DPT Schools Google
Florida hospital Human resources
for work as a CNA online
Harmony Home Health Google
LPN Previous classes
Mortan plant hospital Online
Morton Plant Hospital Online
none on line
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
ResCare Google search
United Healthcare Internet
Zumba Online
American Council on Exercise (ACE) AHA website
Home health Home Helpers Employer
Sierra Club previous class
University of South Florida Previously certified through American Heart Association
University of South Florida google
USA Swimming, NASM Online search
Clear Choice Returning attendee
CMA Potential Volunteer Web search
Galen College of Nursing Google
Home care for U Online
Interim Home Health Web search
Rasmussen College Rasmussen
Right at Home Took classes last year
St. Petersburg College – Nursing Program Admission
Sunshine Health online
University of South Florida Sports Club Online
agape of science internet
agape of science internet
Florida Autism Center Online
La Ameastad online
La Amistad Employer
Lake Sumter State College Google
Lake Sumter State College Google
Lake Tech
Nemours Children’s Hospital
North Tampa Behavioral Health
Prior employment for Waterman Hospital Application process for Waterman
Southeastern University
University of South Florida – College of Nursing Referred to by advisor
University of South Florida College of Nursing
My job Online
Dental Hygienist
Heart 4 Kids Therapy Online
Lake Tech/Fire Academy Friend/fellow student
Maxim Healthcare Online search
St. Petersburg College Google
AFAA Google
Encompass Home Health
Florida Board of Dentistry AHA Website
Lake-sumter state college
Visiting Angels American Heart Associate website.
Lake Tech (IPS Fire Academy) Google
Butterfly effects Google
Florida Hospital online
Lake Sumter state college nursing Google
NA/ retired AHA website
Orlando health AHA
Rasmussen College Ocala Website
Rasmussen College
Gingerbread House Online
LA Fitness Online
None Online
Osceola Regional medical center I have already done my certification with your company
CHI Alexius St. Health Previously attended.
Hospital Online
None Online
Florida Hospital Google Search
NASM AHA website
None Online
Orlando Health Attended previous class
Orlando Health Previous client
UCF/Seminole State Nursing Program School Resource
University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy Google
Adventist University Of Health Sciences
Kids R Kids
LPN Nicole Rivera-Alvarado
Self Online
The Paddling Center Online
Valencia College American Heart Association Website
Adventist University DPT
Lakeland Regional Hospital Lakeland Regional Hospital
sandlake medical walk in clinic web site
Windsor Nannies Windsor Nannies
Easter Seals
Intrim health care Online
None AHA
Publix Pharmacy Internet
Going into home aide health care American Heart Association
Orange County Public Schools Internet
Orlando health Google
Polk state college
Rasmussen College School
Self Internet
south lake hospital online
Valencia College Web-Search
Valencia College AHA website
Cna Online
dont know Ive taken a class before
Osceola County Early Coalition Online
United Healthcare Internet search
Valencia College Google
Keator Construction
Keator Construction
Keator Construction
None Online
South Campus Care Center Previous class
None Online
Nemours Childrens Hospital Online search
Premise Health Premise Health
Registered Nurse with Integrity Health care Online
Central Florida Behavior Hospital Online, friends
Winnie Palmer Hospital Co-worker
Avanti Web
ORMC- Orlando Health AHA Website
Valencia College (Dental Hygiene Program) AHA
Wesco Aircraft Human Resources
Herzing Friend
Orlando Health – ORMC American Heart Association
student online
Adventist University of Health Science Florida hospital
Florida Hospital Return customer
NASM online search
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmusssen school flyer
RRCA google search
South lake hospital Online
university of south florida
Valencia College Google
Cross country travcorp Previous attended
Cross country travcorp Previous attendance
Ardor Health Solutions Google
University of South Florida College of Nursing USF CON
It is not required, but my company, Mangrove Bay, is helping me get it. Evan Schuster
Interim home health On line
Nursing School
Hawthorne village of Ocala Attended re-cert class last year
Amn Internet search
Department of Health Trained with in-pause
Florida Board of Nursing Internet
Florida Nursing Internet
NA Internet
um internet
Sun Belt Staffing on line
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen College
jervis webb
Soliant Healthcare AHA
general work online
Rasmussen Rasmussen
American river college American heart association
RN Internet
Medical Center of Trinity Medical Center of Trinity
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
None Google Search
Herzing University website
Girl Scouts of America found online
Preferred Touch Home Healthcare Take classes every 2 years
Emergency Med previously used this company
American Council on Exercise Online
JAHVA Web search
Florida Hospital Zephyrhills (Creation Health Wellness Center) Web site
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Wesley Chapel Hospital Online
Gallen College of Nursing Internet
BayCare and Empath Hospice Internet
NASM Repeat student
Hillsborough Community College Nursing Program Google
Davita medical group
First Baptist Church of New Tampa Children’s Ministry online
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
none TV Great day Tampa Bay
Advanced Nursing On line
Nursing school Internet
Rasmussen College – Tampa/Brandon Email from school
Rasmussen Rasmussen
N/A Friend recently took this class this past weekend.
Rasmussen College
none taking class here before
none taking class here before
Rasmussen College School
United States Air Force
comfort keepers
renewing for CERT online
Adbanced Nursing Solution online
Advancecd Nursing Solutions Online
Advanced Nursing Solutions On-line
Hillsborough Community College Hcc
Polk State Past student
Cora Rehab Friend
Aya Healthcare employer
Everglades National Park From the American Heart Association H.Q. in Dallas
Gateway Charter High School Internet
In-Pulse CPR Christina
None Gerald Anderson
sun towers retirement AHA website
TLC Family Care Google Search
Marion Technical College Online search
Hillsborough community college Online
South University
Rasmussen my adviser @ Rasmussen
Hca trinity Google
Apex health and therapy Previously took this class
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Rasmussen College of Nursing Thru the school
VA Hospital Internet
DaVita and Fresenius Family
Rasmussen College
Florida Department of Health, Board of Dentistry AHA website
health central park/orlando health internet
True Staffing/Crdentia Internet search
Accredo Has taken class in past
Adventist Health Family
Applying for Preschool Jobs Web
College of Central Florida Google
EMT Previous class
First Baptist Church of New Tampa Children’s Ministry Online
First Baptist Church of New Tampa Children’s Ministry Online
First certificatio
FKC Fresenius Kidney Care Internet
Florida Green Lawn and Tree My wife used you before
Florida Hospital Carrollwood Online
Florida Hospital Kissimmee Nicole Rivera-Alvarado
Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services Friend
Harns Marsh Middle School Wife
Health East Coworker
James A. Haley VA Medical Center, Tampa 33 My second time doing training with your company
Kids R Kids
Kids R Kids
Kids R Kids
Kids r Kids
Kids R Kids
Kids R Kids
Kids R Kids
Kids R Kids
N/a Niece
N/A search internet
None Online
none wife
None Google
None Took class 2 years ago
none American Heart Association website
Oak Hill Hospital Internal Medicine Internet
Oak Hill Hospital Internal Medicine Internet
Physician Assistant Graduate School coworker
Practice AHA
rasmussen google
Rasmussen Rasmussen
Rasmussen college
Rasmussen College Online
Rasmussen College Rasmussen College
Tender Care Medical Services, inc. Online
US Army Friend