COVID-19: Is CPR training an essential service?

The new virus concerns make locking down community activity a priority to help contain it.  But what about those essential services that need to continue to operate in midst of those concerns?  When we think about ‘essential’ what comes to mind…    

Fire fighters, police departments, grocery stores, nurses / doctors.  Did you know that there is a shortage of medical personnel to help deal with this epidemic?  Because of this shortage, hospitals are calling on prior staff (semi-retired, seasonal, contracted) to return to work.  All of these retired healthcare workers reentering the workforce require a non-expired and valid CPR certification that companies like In-Pulse CPR provide.  

CPR training companies, like In-Pulse CPR, are an essential service.  We are one key to the puzzle to help make the system function.  We continue to hold classes and take every precaution possible to ensure we are not contributing to the problem.

One of the new challenges our training company is now dealing with is finding classroom space when many public venues are closing their doors to the public.  If you know of any classroom spaces we can use (for a reasonable fee) please let me know.

Troy Bowman, VP/CFO


Troy Bowman
Troy has been the the VP and CFO of In-Pulse CPR since September, 2009. Troy is married to Mollie who is the owner and TCC for the company. Currently they have 7 children with several of them grown up. Troy enjoys outdoor activities including camping, hiking, and spending time with his family.

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