CPR Saves a Life

The city of Philadelphia is campaigning to encourage its residents the benefits of learning CPR training.  Statistically, the average person in Philadelphia is half as likely to assist a person suffering from cardiac arrest in comparison to other cities nationally.


Because of this campaign, CPR was recently used to save the life of one-year old Jayson Smith, thanks to the efforts of the three Philadelphia police officers and their quick first aid response by applying the necessary CPR needed to save his life.


When the officers arrived at the boy’s home, his eyes were rolled in the back of his head and he was unresponsive.  The officers immediately started performing CPR on the child, with one of the officers performing rescue breathing as another officer monitored his pulse.  The officer continued the CPR techniques on little Jayson for the next ten minutes until the paramedics arrived and were able to take over the rescue effort and rush him to the nearby St. Christopher’s hospital where doctors on staff could take over.


When we think of using CPR lifesaving techniques, we do not always think that it is going to be a child that needs CPR.  However, there are times when a child is in need of this life-saving technique; therefore, the city of Philadelphia would like to urge all its citizens to go online to  www.inpulsecpr.com  to register for a lifesaving CPR training class right away.  It could be one of your loved ones lives that you save by doing so.


The CPR training classes offered by In-Pulse CPR are meant to be fun as well as informative.  All participants of the training classes receive a full two-year certification from the American Heart Association.   A person can register for a four or six-hour class and there is also First Aid training that is available.


Participants can receive training in CPR certification, AED training, as well as First Aid training throughout the state of Pennsylvania.












Teresa Jenkins