Fredricks baseball experience

It was a normal day for Fredrick. He was playing baseball for his school and It was his turn to hit the ball. The ball came flying at him and hit his chest in between heartbeats. Fredrick went into cardiac arrest and fell unconscious. Luckily, his coach, David took a CPR class and knew exactly what to do. He rushed into action, checked his pulse, and began CPR while a teammate called 911. After a few minutes of CPR, Fredrick came back to life. Later, the ambulance came and took Fredrick to the hospital. A year later, Fredrick was back playing baseball, thanks to David. 


CPR is an important tool in saving someone’s life from cardiac arrest. thousands of people every year experience cardiac arrest. At InPulseCPR we are committed to teaching others how to save lives.

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Elayne Bowman