In-Pulse CPR gaining AHA Training Center status!

December 14, 2012.  After over a year in the works, Florida based In-Pulse CPR, Inc enters into an agreement with the American Heart Association to become an official AHA Training Center(TC).  Troy Bowman, a spokesman for the company states, “We are now in a position to better provide for our instructors and students”.  Their agreement allows them to oversee Training Sites (TS) and to better support instructors while continuing offering training in Minnesota, Florida, and Pennsylvania.  Mr Bowman states that obtaining this status was far more difficult than he had planned.  In the past, Training Center status was far easier to obtain than it is today.  The AHA now looks at many factors including the companies history, marketing plans, past and expected future growth, and stability of a company/organization seeking Training Center status.  Mollie Bowman is the appointed Training Center Coordinator (TCC), an important role, as she is responsible for all instructors who are a part of the Training Center in following proper AHA guidelines.