LUCAS Device Helps Saves Lives

We all know that CPR saves lives especially when done properly.  The problem is CPR is often done wrongly due to improper training or due to being physically exhausted.  There is a new device on the market that not only makes CPR more efficient but it also makes the lives of doctors and EMT’s much easier.  This device is called the LUCAS Device.  The LUCAS device is an electric powered device that automates the chest compression part of CPR.
The great benefit of this device is it never tires.  Even the most well trained EMT’s can become tired administering CPR and that can unfortunately lead to death.   The LUCAS device automatically delivers 100 chest compressions per minute or two 2 compressions per second consistently.  The consistent compressions of the LUCAS device along with the use of an AED will help the heart start beating in a regular rhythm.  By automating the compressions free up the caretakers hands to help the patient in other aspects such as giving the patient medication or getting the patient ready for transport.
The other benefit of using the LUCAS device has to do with how the device is designed.  The device is designed with a plunger that is shaped like a suction cup, which is placed on the chest.  This suction cup design works better than traditional hand compressions because it lifts the chest, which causes the heart to fill with blood much easier.  This device is a wise but costly medical investment at $12,000 a unit.  This machine not only can help in saving lives but also make the lives of our paramedics and physicians a great deal easier, while providing a more reliable means of CPR to people in life threatening medical emergencies.


Troy Bowman
Troy has been the the VP and CFO of In-Pulse CPR since September, 2009. Troy is married to Mollie who is the owner and TCC for the company. Currently they have 7 children with several of them grown up. Troy enjoys outdoor activities including camping, hiking, and spending time with his family.
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