Weekly American Heart CPR training in St Petersburg area

  • by Mollie Bowman
  • Oct 27, 2011
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In-Pulse CPR is now offering weekly CPR classes in St Petes and Pinellas Park neighborhoods. These public classes offer CPR and / or First Aid certifications for Healthcare (BLS) and non-healthcare (Heartsaver) at convenient locations and times says a spokesman for the company. View St Petersburg and Pinellas Park CPR class calendar now   The […]


Let me tell you about Alex

If you have never witnessed a person go in to cardiac arrest then consider your self lucky. If you have then you experienced one of two things: 1: Complete helplessness 2: An overwhelming sense to act   Those of you who would relate with the ladder must be CPR certified. If you can’t relate to […]


Studies: Bystanders Who Know CPR Save Lives!

Written by Tom Sirmons                                                      A wealth of recent research* reaches the same conclusion: those who suffer cardiac arrest are far more likely to survive long-term if a bystander immediately begins proper CPR. That’s especially true when emergency medical personnel are unable reach the scene within eight minutes. BUT – considering that brain damage […]


An Innocent Child

“A parent should never have to bury their child”. To lose a child is something that causes the most indescribable pain a human being can feel, both physically and mentally. Some people never recover, while others use it to gain strength. Watching the dedicated medics and firefighters perform CPR on my baby and do everything within their power to try and save him, made me have a new found respect


Cough CPR

Cough CPR is referred to as a method of preventing a cardiac arrest if you are alone. I do not feel that “cough CPR” should be taught…


Can you get sick by performing CPR?

  • by Nupur Agarwal
  • Jul 29, 2010
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Real CPR is very different from classroom CPR. You come in contact with a lot of bodily fluids when actually performing CPR in a real life situation. To assuage the public’s fear, CPR training now incorporates personal protective gear