Cardiac arrest cost employers

Cardiac arrest took over 1,200 Americans’ lives yesterday, most of them before they ever reached the hospital.  Many of those deaths happened at work.  Those deaths will cost employers, employees, and their families today and into the future.  Death from cardiac arrest isn’t inevitable.  If more people react quickly by calling 9-1-1 and performing CPR, more lives can be saved.   Employers who offer CPR training to their staff can help minimize those financial and personal risks.

Hi- I’m Mollie, owner and primary instructor for In-Pulse CPR.  If you are unsure of the best American Heart CPR training that is right for you check out our link titled ‘Frequently asked questions‘ on our home page for help.

We, at In-Pulse CPR offer CPR training for groups of 5 or 25, with the convenience to having our trainers teach your staff on-site right at your place of business.

Or, for individuals, please check out our calendar on our home page for many open enrollment class options available across Minnesota.

It doesn’t matter if you are a health-care professional, a teacher, daycare worker, or are part of your safety committee at work.  It is important that YOU are prepared because being prepared can make the difference between life and death.


About us:  In-Pulse CPR currently offers CPR training in Minnesota and CPR training in Pennsylvania.  Many of our classes are available evenings and weekends.  Our instructors are also nurses and EMT’s.  At In-Pulse CPR, we prefer a more practical teaching approach.  You will find our instructors using real life examples, hand’s on training, and often humor to make the class enjoyable and the teaching memorable.


Mollie Bowman
Mollie is the owner and Training Center Coordinator for In-Pulse CPR. She is active in training our newest instructors to be their best. Outside of the office she loves spending time on crafts and outdoor activities with her husband and kids.

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