Prompt Intervention Saves Lives in Grand Marais

Gary Radloff, a bailiff for Cook County in Grand Marais, MN. has become a local hero in the community. His quick intervention helped save lives when a man who just received a guilty verdict in a criminal case went on a shooting rampage. Two people were shot and two others received injuries during this courthouse assault, which could have been far worse, but for the brave actions of Radloff and other people.


Radloff, 70, was in the courtroom with Judge Mark Munger of Duluth and members of the jury when he heard gunshots being fired right outside the door of the courtroom. Radloff screamed for everyone to clear the courtroom, and immediately charged down the hall to confront the shooter Daniel Schlienz.


Schlienz had already shot a Grand Marais man, Gregory Thompson, who had testified in Schlienz’s trial, and he had also shot Tim Scannell, the County Attorney. Radloff reached the scene, where he, along with Schlienz’s mother Ginger Berglund, and Assistant County Attorney Molly Hicken overpowered Schlienz and disarmed him. By the time a Minnesota State Patrol officer arrived, Radloff had already brought the situation under control.


Radloff commented about his act of bravery, “I was just doing my job. The training just kicked in.”


Molly Hicken’s father, Jeff Hicken along with Michael Scott, a partner at a law firm said that Molly Hicken had helped remove the gun from the possession of Schlienz. Scott said he was told that Molly threw the gun out of the window. She was not struck by gunfire, but she received splattering of blood and suffered some bruises and bumps.


The victims, Scannel, 45, and Thompson, 53, were sent to the Essentia Health St. Mary’s Medical Center in Duluth. Scannell was reported to be in a fair condition following surgery, and Thompson was in good condition. Thompson received treatment for multiple gunshot wounds to the leg, and Scannell got shot in the groin and twice in the abdomen.


Radloff and Hicken were taken to the Northshore Hospital in Cook County, where they received treatment and were released. Agents from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension have scoured the crime scene at the courthouse, which was shut down for the day. They questioned a number of witnesses to learn more about the shooting that rocked one of the least populous counties in Minnesota.


Benjamin Roussey