Ever considered a career in Nursing?

Since the day of Clara Barton, a pioneer in the field of nursing, nursing has not only become a degree that many strive to attain, but is a very respected career. Nurses are always needed in multiple types of medical settings. Nurses are always in demand.


Nursing is a challenging field, yet very rewarding. It is not only a field that requires good interpersonal skills, but a well-rounded knowledge of the human body, good nursing practices, and a degree. You can obtain different degrees in nursing, depending on how far you want to take your training.


Although there are many different areas of nursing to get involved with, and several different degrees, the two most common degrees in nursing are:


Ÿ  LPN, or Licensed Practical Nurse – A licensed practical nurse takes the least amount of time to obtain, and the least amount of education. However, you are also able to perform the least amount of duties as a nurse. Schooling requires prerequisite courses; such as biology, psychology, English, and a basic anatomy course. Your duties are basic, limiting you to basic patient care. State laws only permit limited care to patients by LPN’s.

Ÿ  RN, or Registered Nurse – a Registered Nurse is able to perform all tasks related to nursing. They are responsible for operating medical equipment, administering IV’s, giving medication to patients, including pills and injections, starting IV’s, even assist in surgery. An RN’s education is more extensive than an LPN’s. Most hospitals require that RN’s have a four year bachelor’s degree, while others will allow the two year nursing, or RN degree from a respectable college. RN’s must pass all their nursing courses, and must pass their nursing boards. RN’s are responsible for operating medical equipment, administering IVs, giving medications and injections to patients, administering care plans, and signing off on other nurse’s work. Some RN’s even assist in surgery. While some medical facilities only require a basic, two year RN degree, many are requiring their nurses to have a four year bachelor’s degree.


Nursing, though a demanding career, is ideal for many. The pay is very respectable, the degree gives you flexibility to move about and branch out into other areas, sometimes with extra training, and it is a very rewarding field of helping others. You can even choose to work different shifts to make your personal life easier. It can be a great field for those with kids and a family, single moms, and others who need flexible hours.


If you love helping and caring for others, nursing may be a field for you to consider. There are multiple areas of nursing to get involved with; from labor and delivery, surgery, physician’s offices, heart cath labs, and many more. Whatever your interest is, you are sure to find a need for nurses there.





Maria McCutchen

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