Sights and sounds of CPR

When someone is in cardiac arrest, there are many things you will see and hear; none of which are pleasant.


The visuals of a cardiac arrest patient are not pretty. They can appear pale and clammy. The patient may also have vomited as well as urinated themselves. This can happen from the heart needing to ease its load; because of this, a very common place you will find an unconscious cardiac arrest victim is the bathroom.


The sounds from a cardiac arrest victim can be just as disturbing. A victim can release agonal gasps, which sound like troubled breathing but instead is a release of gas from the body. Performing CPR can also make some disturbing sounds. When performing compressions, the ribs can crackle and eventually break, making a snapping sound; this is a sign of good, strong compressions. After the ribs are broken, they begin to make popping sounds, and the compressions become


There are also many songs of CPR, the most popular one being Staying Alive by Bee Gates, the most controversial one being Another One Bites the Dust by Queen, and the most kid-friendly one being Baby Shark by Pinkfong. There are several other CPR songs like Star Wars Imperial March, I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, Just Dance by Lady Gaga, and many more. There are many CPR songs; in fact, the American Heart Association has made a CPR song playlist on Spotify ( WrV4TBrJE5SA )

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Elayne Bowman