Tribute to Paramedics

Written by Pamela Arsena

Paramedics are the first line of defense when something has gone terribly wrong.  They often see us in our worst hour and often times save the day.  They work tiredly behind the scenes providing life saving medical attention to people in their time of need.  Often times the work of a paramedic often goes unnoticed but they still continue to save us day after day while not receiving the credit and recognition they deserve.

It takes many good qualities to be a paramedic and at the top of that list is a desire to help.  Paramedics have the desire to help people when it really counts and the help they provide is unconditional.  They do not care about your past or who you are now; their focus is solely on saving a life. They expect nothing in return and no matter how bad things may be in their lives they always put the people they are assisting first.  They truly define the word selfless.

Another quality of a paramedic is compassion.  They often times will be our support system when a crisis happens.  They will hold our hand and assure us things will be okay even when we feel that our world is crashing in.  These compassionate soles are truly angels in disguise

Paramedics also have the strength to see people at their worst day in and day out knowing that not everyone can be saved.  They do this with a quiet strength, perseverance and courage that most of us would find hard to understand.

In such times of tragedy and chaos paramedics calmly provide medical care and attention to those in need while not asking for a thank you or praise.  Paramedics really are the true hero’s of society who deserve great honor and praise for a job well done.



Pamela Arsena

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