Worse and Best Work Day Ever

It was a regular day at the restaurant. Everyone was going about their business when suddenly, one of the waitresses, Clare, fell unconscious. Luckily, one of the customers knew what to do and immediately started CPR. The customer performed several minutes of CPR with no luck. The supervisor saw what was going on and wanted to help, so she went to the back and grabbed an AED. The supervisor turned on the AED and followed the prompts. Not long after the AED was used, the waitress, Clare, showed signs of consciousness. Clare had a heart attack and her heart was in V-tach (ventricular tachycardia) without the use of an AED Clare had a small chance of revival. 

An AED can be a lifesaving tool when performing CPR and can be the difference between life and death. It is becoming more standardized to have an AED in all sorts of different businesses, like offices, restaurants, and stores. It is important to know where an AED is located in your place of work.

An AED is simple to use, just turn it on and follow the prompts. The purpose of an AED is to stop a heart that is in v-tach or v-fib so that you can perform effective CPR. If you wish to learn more about CPR and AEDs, go to www.inpulsecpr.com and register for a class near you.


Elayne Bowman