5 People Who Aren’t Required To Be CPR Certified, But Should Be Certified Anyway

Not every profession requires that you become CPR certified. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of professions have no requirements for these certifications or incentivize their employees to obtain them. However, here at In-Pulse CPR, we work with people to provide AHA-backed CPR certifications, and we hear deeply moving, powerful, and personal stories all the time about CPR making the difference in an emergency situation.

When you are certified to give CPR while waiting for emergency responders to arrive, you are buying invaluable time for someone — time that may save their brain by keeping oxygen moving to it, and time that may even allow their life to be saved. That’s not a small thing.

In today’s blog from the CPR training experts at In-Pulse CPR, we will make our recommendations for other groups of people who benefit greatly from knowing CPR. If you or a team of your co-workers are interested in learning more about scheduling a private CPR training course for a group of 5 more, get in touch with us today. Otherwise, we encourage you to get your CPR certification at any of our publicly available sessions in Minnesota, Florida, or Pennsylvania.


As a teacher, you care about your students and their well-being. If you didn’t, then chances are good you would have chosen a different profession. Working with kids of any age presents unique challenges, but there are some that are more serious than others.

In your classroom, you are the leader, the instructor, and the protector of your students. From lockdowns to choking situations, teachers are socially expected to protect the children they work with everyday, whether they have a lot of training or not.

From a choking student to an unconscious one in a class or on the playground, CPR certification will help you understand how to assess and assist in a way that gives a student the best chance of being okay.


In their own way, clergy people are much like teachers. They care deeply about others, are willing to make sacrifices for what they believe in, and have followed a call to a higher sense of responsibility. Beyond this, clergy provide compassionate spiritual care for the eldery, the sick, and many others.

We always encourage clergy to consider another way of saving lives that they can easily, quickly, and conveniently add into their creed of care. So if you find yourself in a situation where someone you are with has a heart attack or other emergency, you are better prepared to truly act as a guardian angel in their life.

Event Staff & Security

As a general rule, the more people you are around, the more likely you are to run into an emergency situation. Not only because there are more people that something can happen to, but also because crowds simply seem to promote a higher risk of stress, injury, and accidents.

Understanding that, your assignment as a member of an event staff or event security team might be taking tickets or checking event passes as a loading dock, but your job is to ensure the safety and well-being of every possible person at the event.

While there are most likely EMTs or paramedics on-site, being prepared to be the first responder to an emergency situation might be the difference between someone being okay and them not. CPR certification and first aid training prepares you to step up and help when someone is in trouble.


Being a parent can be scary, and not just the first time around. Although you learn quickly that your children are not as fragile as you fear they are, choking hazards are a very real threat, and CPR training can prepare you to do what is necessary to save the life of your infant or toddler.

We recommend that all new parents make a CPR certification date night to get away for an evening, do something together, and take a step towards protecting their child from a sadly common tragedy.

Just About Everyone, Really

The truth is that emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere. That’s why everyone should consider CPR certification training courses. If you find yourself as the person who could help, wouldn’t you want to be able to?

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