Clearwater Florida resident survives after major heart attack

nicsmith2Clearwater resident  has had more than his fair share of physical challenges. On November 17, 2015, Smith, who is a cancer survivor, suddenly collapsed inside his apartment. Later, he would explain that his vision went black as he tried to protect his head while falling to his knees.

Fortunately, Smith’s fiancee, Ryen Hauck, was also present. Although she had never administered CPR before, she immediately sprang into action. After calling 911, she performed CPR for six minutes until emergency responders arrived. The 911 operator encouraged her while providing guidance, and the first responders continued CPR along with administering medication during Smith’s transit to the hospital.

After careful examination, doctors discovered that Smith had experienced a major heart attack and gave him only a one percent chance for survival. Amazingly, Smith beat the odds. He ended up needing less than two weeks of treatment, and he and was able to walk out of the hospital and get back to the life he loves.

Smith knows that his amazing recovery is due to fast action by his girlfriend and the emergency response team. The CPR administered by his girlfriend gave him the chance for survival that he desperately needed, and paramedics from Clearwater Fire and Rescue and Sunstar Paramedics continued his emergency treatments in those critical first minutes.

According to Dr. Robert Sanchez of the American Heart Association, administering CPR doubles or triples a person’s chance of survival. Survival rates go down a staggering 10 percent each minute that CPR is delayed.

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Laura Crider