Does CPR really save lives? Yes, it does.

By Liv Hernandez

Does CPR really save lives? Yes, it does. There is one recent news story that can attest to that. The CDC estimates that administering CPR to a person suffering from cardiac arrest can double their chances for survival. Cardiac arrest can strike an individual at any time or place.

In the case of Steve M., it struck him when he was at his home. He was alone, and very scared when the attack came on. Thankfully his son, Skylar, arrived for a visit a short while later. He was shocked to find Steve lying there unconscious on his bathroom floor. Skylar called the paramedics and was informed that it would be a few minutes before they could arrive.

Skylar jumped into action and began administering CPR to Steve. This ended up saving his father’s life. Steve was conscious again by the time the paramedics arrived. This is just one case that proves how life saving CPR can be. Since Cardiac arrest can strike at any time, you could describe it as a sudden killer. Taking the time to learn and become CPR certified means you can save someone’s life.

You can help them become one less statistic. Death rates for cardiac arrest victims are very high. The majority of these attacks occur in public. This increases the chances of the attack being witnessed by a bystander. If this bystander were to administer CPR they could save the victim’s life.

We all live in this world together, so we should all look out for one another. If you look online you will discover many local institutions that will offer you CPR training. If you were in the same situation as Steve from the story, you would want someone to come to your aid. We all would. Learn CPR and start the change first. Help someone and you just might get the help you need in return. As cardiac arrest numbers rise, more people are joining together to become CPR certified. Join them and help save lives. No one wants to be a statistic.