A collection of tributes to the everyday heroes that help make our lives safe. If you haven't recently taken a CPR class we urge you to do so. Click on "Class Calendar" above for your state's classes locations and times.

  • Updated Girl Scout Safety Guidelines Provide Checklist for Numerous Activities September 20, 2022Mary Hall
    For years Girl Scouting has been providing girls in kindergarten through high school an opportunity to meet new people, experience new things, and provide community service in a fun and, most importantly, safe environment. Troop leaders are required to complete several hours of training before taking charge of a troop. Once a troop is formed, ...
  • Students Rally for CPR Requirements September 25, 2019Laura Crider
    We all know that children are the future of our country and our world. Too often, we hear about the negative things that young people are doing, but a group of students in NJ are leading the way when it comes to prioritizing CPR training.   Christian Ventura founded the High School Association of Medical Engineers and ...
  • Nursing 101 – Staying Focused February 21, 2019Donna Ryan
    Tips for Nurses: How to Stay Calm and Focused during an Emergency or When Giving CPR Whether you are a nurse who is just beginning your career or have several years, experience, you can become nervous if you need to administer CPR or manage an emergency. How you respond depends on the place where you work, ...
  • A Tribute to Nurses December 20, 2016Laura Crider
    By Laura Crider At In-Pulse CPR, we don’t believe that you have to scale tall buildings or defeat scary villains to be a hero. Instead, we know that some of the greatest heroes live and work right here among us. Unfortunately, many of those heroes never get the honor that they are due. We want to ...
  • History of Nursing July 14, 2011Carin Mangimeli
    The formal somewhat standardized training of nurses can be traced as far as the third and fourth century Roman Empire’s Christian courtesans provided houses for the poor, sick, injured and homeless while women slaves provided nursing services.
  • Sharing a common goal July 14, 2011Anonymous
    National recognized organizations…to teach, to train, to serve
  • Tribute to Paramedics June 30, 2011Pamela Arsena
    Written by Pamela Arsena Paramedics are the first line of defense when something has gone terribly wrong.  They often see us in our worst hour and often times save the day.  They work tiredly behind the scenes providing life saving medical attention to people in their time of need.  Often times the work of a paramedic ...
  • The American Heart Association: A brief history of a great institution. June 25, 2011Pamela Arsena
    It wasn’t until the late 1930’s that AHA begun looking at ways to extend their activities to reach the public.
  • Nursing Shortages May 23, 2011Troy Bowman
    The nursing shortage has many bad side effects in the medical community. It increases the number of hours nurses have to work. The increase of hours makes nurses feel highly stressed which in turn in some cases may lead to them not getting to spend time with their loved ones.

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