Pensacola Boat Sinks, Child Pulled from water Lifeless

This CPR save takes place in Pensacola, Florida.  This is the life saving story of how a Good Samaritan saved an Alabama woman’s infant child with the lifesaving techniques of CPR after the families boat sunk in the Pensacola Bay.


The Lassiter family was out for an afternoon of leisure and fun that turned into an almost tragic event when the small boat they were on was overcome by the rough waves and knocked the two adults and their two small children off into the ocean.


About a mile away there was a charter boat captain taking four guests out for a boating ride when he noticed the small ship had disappeared beneath the waves.  He summoned one of his crew to call 911 as he headed to the scene of the incident.


The Lassiter family had been treading water for nearly 25 minutes according to recent reports taken by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  Shelby Lassiter held onto their 4 year old son, Bowen, while Russell Lassiter clung to their 9 month old baby, Riley.


Michael Kirk, the boat captain, and his crew were able to toss a rope to Shelby and her son to rescue them.  But Russell and the baby were still about 100 feet away.  Russell was yelling for help, and Michael Kirk could see him in the water but not the infant.  It was at this time that a mayday was issued for the missing infant.


When Riley was found and taken out of the water her tiny body was limp and she was not breathing.  Michael Kirk instantly began performing CPR on the infant; Riley started breathing, but not with normal breaths.  Shelby and Riley were both transported by emergency technicians to the local hospital for further treatment.


Thankfully, because of the rapid response of Michael Kirk and his crew the Lassiter family is healing now and baby Riley is on the road to a full recovery.  Once again, the act of CPR has saved another person.


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Teresa Jenkins