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Defibtech Lifeline VIEW M-Series Adapter


Adaptr, Zoll M-Series Pad, DDU-2000 Series



AED Accessories –¬†Defibtech Lifeline VIEW M-Series Adapter

With the right AED accessories, such as this M-Series adapter, you can switch from Defibtech defibrillation pads to a Zoll M-Series defibrillator.

  • Connect two different defibrillator devices with this adapter.
  • The Defibtech¬†DDP-2001 adult defibrillation pads can be connected with an installed defibrillator that requires the Zoll M-Series connector.
  • Make AED use more accessible and easy to use for all.

There are many different brands of defibrillators out there, and if you have the proper AED accessories to connect between different brands, you’ll be even more prepared for when an emergency strikes. Having this Defibtech Lifeline VIEW M-Series Adapter is the way to connect a Defibtech set of pads with a Zoll AED, making this an important AED accessory to have. You could be even more ready to respond to a crisis, and not have to have the exact match of brand parts to get the job done. Order your adapter from In-Pulse CPR today!

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