Severe Weather Safety Tips

In 2011 Atlanta, GA suffered from more severe weather than it has in many years. It seems as though the weather here in Atlanta gets worse every year; with everything from snow storms that last for weeks to a battery of tornados, and thunder storms that rage across the state like an angry bull.

Be Ready For Severe Weather When It Arrives

Severe weather can be frightening but, more than that it can be deadly. Being prepared for severe weather such as tornados, snow storms, floods could mean the difference between life and death for yourself or your loved ones.

Severe Weather Emergency Kits

Before severe weather actually arrives put together several Emergency Kits. Think of places where you might need to keep them in order to be able to get to them in an emergency such as: your home, garage, office, car, barn, or outside storage building, somewhere that you might be able to get to them in a time of need.

In the event of a disaster you will likely need several of these kits. It is advisable that you make one large kit to keep in or around the home, (underground if at all possible) and several smaller kits in other places: office, car, outdoor tool building.

Kit One the Largest and Most Important Kit

Things You Will Need:

* Large Duffle Bag Style Bag

The Bag itself should be a duffle bag style that is weather proof, water proof, and tough. It should be large enough to hold everything in the kit and it needs to have reflective material on the outside or glow in the dark spray paint will work just fine. There is always the chance that you will be trying to find this bag in the dark without a flashlight.

* Water

One of the most important things that we can have in our emergency kits is clean water. Each kit should have at least 3 gallons of water per person in food grade plastic containers. Additional water should be kept for sanitation purposes.

* Food

A three day supply of food for each person should be enough in most situations but, rationing your food during a situation where you aren’t sure when you’ll get more would not be a bad idea. Food that won’t spoil, doesn’t need to be refrigerated, cooked, and doesn’t require a lot of preparation or water to be eatable is best for the emergency kits.


Types of Foods That Will Keep Well For Several Days:

Cereal Bars                Canned Meats                     Canned Juices    Canned Fruits                   Canned Vegetables              Energy Bars

Crackers                             Candy Bars                           Canned Soups

Peanut Butter                     Beef Jerky


* Important Documents of course you won’t keep original documents here but, a sealed dry packet containing copies of all family members important documents could prove to be very helpful in many situations.

Social Security Cards                            Copy of Wills

Bank account numbers                       Insurance Policies

Birth certificates                                   Contracts

Marriage certificates                           Titles

Death certificates                                 Phone numbers

Household inventory                           Passports


More Necessary Items

* Whistle possibly the most important items in your kit. Each person should have a metal police type whistle on a string around their neck during bad weather. If someone were buried or lifted and thrown the sound of that whistle can be heard much farther than a voice.

* Battery Operated radio or even better they kind that can be charged by turning a handle.

* Flashlights and glow sticks (You can buy flashlights that operate buy turning a handle as well)

* Extra batteries

* Dry, comfortable clothing and shoes

* Blankets or water proof sleeping bags if possible

* Plastic rain ponchos (they’re cheap easy to store and very light weight)

* Can opener (manual type)

* Plastic ware

* Sharp Kitchen Knives Be certain that these are wrapped several times in towels or stored in some type of plastic container to prevent someone from getting cut while moving the bag from place to place.

First Aid Kit

In an emergency situation it’s not always possible to get to a doctor right away and a first aid kit could be all that you have so make it as good as you can. You will need at least 2 of these, place one with the large kit and one with the car kit.

The best container for this is a high quality fishing tackle box that is water proof and spray painted with glow in dark paint.

Different types and sizes of Bandages

2” Gauze pads 10pk                        4” Gauze pads 10pk

2” Roll Bandages 3-4 rolls              3” Roll Bandages 3-4 rolls

Vaseline                                             Tweezers

Assorted Band-Aids                         Scissors

Thermometer                                  Needles (one pkg)

Soap                                                 Latex glove

Clean White Towels in Plastic bags

Safety pins (assorted sizes) Use to hold bandages in place.



Any prescription medication that family members must have should be kept here as well such as insulin, prescription glasses, and medication for high blood pressure.

Over The Counter Medications

Activated Charcoal (for poison control)

Syrup of Ipecac (to induce vomiting incase of poisoning)

Triple- antibiotic                             Peroxide

Alcohol                                            Pain Reliever (non-aspirin)

Antacid                                            Imodium (for relief of diarrhea)



Depending on where you’ll be keeping your kits and how much space you actually have the more you are able to put up for an emergency the more comfortable and ready you and your family will be.


It’s a good idea to at least have 2 smaller kits in different places the smaller kits should contain as many of the items as possible and still be portable. Keeping in mind that clean water, food, light, and a whistle are very items to have important during a disaster.


Making sure that you and your family are safe is a full time job we hope that this article has helped to lighten that burden.


Regina Hurley

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