How to Start Exercising if you’re Overweight

Most of us know how important healthy living is, however that doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be easy. For some people, the prospect of getting fit, engaging in regular exercise and eating right will come naturally. However, for those who are already overweight, or large enough that doing the exercises thinner people do can be a challenge, it’s even harder to get started.

The first thing to remember is that you can’t hate yourself thin. Approach the concept of getting healthier from a place of compassion, where you recognize that you are a beautiful person, and the purpose for exercising is to become a better version of yourself. Here’s how you can start exercising right, if you’re already overweight.

  1. Recognize that Healthy Living is a Lifestyle, not something you can just Do

When you’re thinking about exercising more often and losing weight, it’s a good idea to remember that this is something you’re going to have to work at and improve on a regular basis. You cannot simply wake up one day and discover that you’re capable of all the health and fitness activities that you might want to take part in. If you go into exercise with unrealistic expectations, then you’re setting yourself up for problems.

Whether you were training for a new job, learning how to play the guitar, or discovering a new language, you wouldn’t expect yourself to be capable of everything within a single day. There’s no reason to expect that nutrition or exercise goals should be any different. The goal should be for you to make small, positive changes that can stand up to the test of time.

  1. Always Find Something that You Enjoy Doing

The best way of making sure that you not only start exercising, but continue to exercise, is to find an activity that you actually enjoy. Getting into the mindset for healthy living is half of the battle, but the rest is putting the plans you have into motion. If you are already suffering from weight issues, then this can be a difficult hurdle to get over, as you need to figure out what kind of exercise works for you. The best option is to find exercise that gives you emotional and mental rewards as well as physical. Seek things that you enjoy doing, and don’t get stuck in the mindset that it’s all or nothing.

  1. Focus on The Present, Instead of the Future

Once you have discovered what it is you actually want to do, whether it’s a swimming class, taking part in your local football team, or lifting weights while you watch TV, you’ll need to get started. Remember, take it slow and focus on pushing yourself only to the extent you are physically capable of. If you’re relatively heavyset, you shouldn’t expect an amazing start. Just focus on the small steps. Shorter, lighter workouts aren’t going to give you your dream body, but starting light is the best way to get yourself into a healthy routine, build good habits, and acclimate your body to regular activity.



Robin Johnson

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