In-Pulse CPR – February 2021

Vouchers…Keychain Sales…Reviews

WE NEED YOUR HELP. We are asking you to put on a sales hat for a 2-minute sales pitch at each class you teach for In-Pulse. That’s it, 2 minutes to promote the following – Vouchers…Keychain Sales…Reviews. Here is how you do it.

Make sure you mention it while holding up the bag of keychains before and at the end of the class, and have the bag of keychains on the check out desk with a sign for them to see when they come up to get their test graded. Offer it to the Heartcode students too.

[script – before you hand out the BLS exam]

Our company has a really great in class promotion going on right now.  We are offering class gift certificates / vouchers for $40 each, which is a really good price and a great way to get a close friend or family member into a class. Maybe for your Mom, a babysitter, your spouse. This promotion is good for today only.

Also we are offering multicolored keychain breathing barriers for only $5 a piece. The great thing about these particular barriers is that they come with a one way barrier which is unique for something this small”

[Lastly, when student hands in test, ask them:]

“Are you able to rate me 5 stars in a google review?”

[Hand them a ‘Review Instruction Card’]


Mollies Corner


Roster blunder

Here are a few of some recent issues we’ve been having concerning rosters lately. What blunder are you guilty of?

  • No test scores
  • HC Certs being accepted at the class. They need to be emailed to us.
  • Names crossed off that were in attendance
  • Incorrect count or no count before emailing.
  • Wrong online certification but skilled out anyway
  • Not sending page 2 of roster
  • Not sending them immediately after the class.
  • No notes when there is a problem with a student
  • Not collecting voucher (is the student being told to contact the office or that they will not receive a card w/o it)
  • Hand written rosters on a blank piece of paper instead of roster form with no information but student name and score.
  • Hand written emails for students not on the roster or changes that are not legible.

It’s very time consuming tracking down the information that should be on the roster. All of these issues hold up the processing of student cards.

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Troy Bowman


Troy Bowman
Troy has been the the VP and CFO of In-Pulse CPR since September, 2009. Troy is married to Mollie who is the owner and TCC for the company. Currently they have 7 children, two of which they just adopted. Troy enjoys outdoor activities including camping, hiking, and spending time with his ever growing family.