Avoid Swimming Pool Accidents

There are only a few short months until summer and with that means spending many days at the pool.  Even though most of the time spent at the pool will be fun and safe one must consider the risk of pool related injuries.  Are you prepared to possible swimming pool accidents?

There are many accidents that can occur at the pool and while drowning is the most commonly thought of, there are many more ways one can be injured while at the pool.

Diving board Injuries

There is nothing better than to dive into a pool on a hot summer afternoon but in doing this there are many injuries that can happen such as falling off the side of the diving board or hitting your head on the side of the pool from a dive gone wrong.  These types of accidents while typically minor can be fatal.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are quite common at pools especially when the pool surface does not properly drain water that gets splashed on it.  The other bad thing about these falls is the pool deck surface is very hard which can lead to cuts, broken bones and sometimes even serious head injury.


As disgusting as it sounds this is something that happens more often than you think.  This occurs when someone is swimming while the pool is drain in running.  This causes the swimmer to be pulled underneath the water and often times the swimmers insides gets sucked out of them.  This type of injury will often times result in death.

The majority of these accidents can be avoided by the proper installation of pool materials along with proper care for the pool but it is essential to be prepared to deal with a swimming pool emergency if necessary.   The best way to make sure your summer at the pool is safe is to learn CPR/ first aid; this will not only save lives but also prevent serious injury.


Pamela Arsena
Paul / February 12, 2010

Pool covers also need to be properly installed to be effective.

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