Common Household Injuries and the Importance of First Aid

In any given day there will be almost 62,000 injuries that result from an accident that occurred at home, that is approximately a couple hundred injuries per minute.  While most of these injuries are nothing more than scrapes, bruises and cuts, there are more serious injuries such as burns, poisonings and even suffocation that often occur.  Often times these injuries can be avoided by making sure that the home is a safe place but even with taking those precautions one is still not completely safe.

The most common injuries at home happen because people are not aware how to properly safety proof their homes.  While safety-proofing is a good step it’s even more important to know how to handle an injury that takes place at home.   Would you know how to treat a severe burn or what would you do if suddenly a family member quit breathing due to an allergic reaction?   These things happen quite a bit and can in some cases result in death.  The sad thing is most of deaths could have been easily avoided with the proper education.

The most important step a home owner can take is to learn first aid.  Learning first aid may not only save a person’s life but also prevent serious damage such as the loss of too much blood or even a limb.   Learning first aid does not take a great deal of time and isn’t hard and it is something the whole family can learn together.   Once you have learned first aid it is important to keep taking refresher courses every couple years so you can easily administer these skills when the occasion arises.  First aid classes are widely available and are a worthwhile investment as one can really not put a price on a human life.

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Pamela Arsena

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