Uncontrolled Bleeding: How to Treat the Emergency

First Aid - Uncontrolled Bleeding

Uncontrolled bleeding in the U.S. is preventable. However, it’s the cause of a large number of deaths each year. Statistics reveal that acute blood loss or shock accounts for over 40% of trauma-related fatalities. To  increase the odds of survival, knowing how to control bleeding is a valuable emergency first aid skilll. Let’s go over […]


First Aid Training for Pets: Cactus Needles and Learning the Basics of Wound Care

First aid training always allows you to stay conscious about what to do in case a person or animal needs care. One of the essential components to the training includes wound care. Learning wound care – preventing infections and controlling bleeding is fundamental to saving a person’s or animal’s life.  Cholla Charlie’s Crisis Both people […]


Burn Wound Care

After the immediate burn has been treated, make plans to seek medical advice and have the wound treated by a medical professional as soon as possible to ensure that the burn does not become infected. The doctor may also be able to prescribe some topical ointment to keep the burn moist to ease scarring…