CPR and First Aid for Babysitters

Due to the economy starting its rise again many people are finding jobs whereas only a few months ago finding a job seemed absolutely hopeless. Now more people are opting for day care or even at-home babysitters to watch over their little ones as they go out and earn a living.

As a parent there are many questions you should ask the person you are leaving your child with and as a child care provider there are many questions you should be able to answer before you put up a single ad for childcare.

First and foremost, a baby sitter or day care provider should know CPR and first aid and should have the correct papers available to show proof of that. If they do not then they have no business watching out for young children under school age. Children under the age of four years old find themselves exploratory and with that in mind they begin to put everything in their mouths. This leads to choking hazards and the person watching those children should know what to do until emergency help arrives.

As a child care provider you should know what to look for in signs of a child being in a struggle. This could be anything from their breathing stopping to their choking on a small wrapper. As a babysitter or parent you should never leave an infant and to a two year old child alone for very long. Sometimes as parents we need to leave the room for a split second to do something. However, just within seconds a baby could find something you thought you swept over the floor five times for.  Make sure you know what to look for, once you have taken a class for child care and a first aid course you will be taught exactly what to look for in children of different ages.

In today’s time the cell phone is the phone of choice among a lot of people. Some people have even opted out of a home phone because they always have their cell phone on them. The phone is a an important factor in childcare, you should always make sure you either have a cell phone on you or some sort of mobile phone you can clip to you. In the signs of danger of any of the children being watched, you want to make sure you have a phone nearby to call without having to leave that child alone. If they are choking your first priority is to get whatever is blocking their throat out of there. Secondly, you will want to call emergency services so that they find their way to you depending on the emergency need of the child. Either way, the parents should always be informed of what happened so that they can decide if they want to pursue medical attention from the hospital.

When it comes to taking care of children and knowing what you can do if something happens to one of the children you are watching or if you are a parent and want some information about taking care of your own children, you should never trust a simple article to tell you what you can do. It doesn’t matter how advanced and specific the article is, you should seek help from a professional who can show you all the fine lined details through demonstrations. So as a parent or a child care provider, take a class on CPR and First Aid. So that you can save a life.


Babysitting Services / July 15, 2010


I saw your post and visit about your site really it’s a very interesting post about first aid for babysitter. Thank you for providing this nice information.

Dom @TutorCare / February 8, 2012

Absolutely agree. It’s always beneficial for parents to know who they are hiring. Having a child minder with the necessary skills in first aid will always gives you peace of mind when away from home.

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