Becoming a CNA gives You the Ability to Take Care of Loved Ones Better

We all want to help our friends and family. From assisting with chores to figuring out taxes and running errands, there are many ways in which people give assistance to those they care about. Those who work in medicine are uniquely equipped to provide care to their loved ones when they may need it, even under the most unexpected circumstances. Anyone lucky enough to have a doctor, nurse, or nursing assistant in their family or close circle of friends has at least one story of when that person was there to help in an emergency situation, or at least provide some guidance and reassurance during times of trouble or concern.

Giving gifts to others is something we all love to do. Providing financial help or buying presents is an effective way to show our feelings for others, but there is something special about being able to effectively asses and look after those who you love when they are injured or fall ill. Emergency situations can become deescalated under the supervision of someone who is experienced in treating people while EMTs are on their way to the scene. There is comfort for others in knowing they can count on you to be present in the face of a health scare when every minute counts.

As a certified nursing assistant (CNA), you will develop a level of care and understanding that you will find yourself reaching into time and time again in situations that go far beyond the workplace environment. Applying the patience and dedication required to work as a CNA has applications in all other aspects of life, whether it means being a good, generous listener, or simply being able to hone in on life’s priorities over the multitude of life’s little aggravations. The skills necessary to be an effective CNA are also the skills required to be an effective, productive friend, spouse, or family member.

As there are a handful of medical professionals in my family, I can personally attest to the fact that they are often consulted and never hesitate to dispense helpful advice and knowledge. From examining questionable skin abnormalities to jumping into action when an elderly family member recently fainted, their brains are often picked and their expertise is a veritable swiss army knife of experiential knowledge and know how. Being a CNA allows for a new, meaningful outlet in which to assist those close to you. Knowing that you are available and valuable during periods of crisis or stress will make you the hero of the family. In some cases, it may even save a life.

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Derek Walborn