Becoming a CNA offers Personal and Professional Pride

For many, employment can be an existential burden. A necessary usage of our precious time in order to maintain our lives and amass the financial and social resources needed to enjoy ourselves while not on the job. Work can, at times, feel a meaningless grind without real merit or substance. However, this is not a problem that a certified nursing assistant (CNA) faces.

As a CNA, your duties impact the lives of other people in ways that many other forms of employment cannot. When directly involved in the wellbeing of those who require your help, your contributions and dedication will be felt not only by those under your immediate care but by their friends, family members, and loved ones. Your work will reverberate far beyond just one person, and those who are practicing CNAs are consistently on the receiving end of reciprocal gifts, cards, and appreciation.

CNAs often develop relationships with their patients. There is a sacred trust between the caregiver and the recipient in the medical world that fills a void that remains empty in other fields. While you may really hit it off with Carol in Human Resources working a desk job, the relationships formed between patients and CNAs is on a very honest, human level.

Often times CNAs work with the elderly. These are quite frequently people who will need assistance and care for the rest of their lives. Many will have stories to tell and family members to meet. Some, unfortunately, may not. The emotional impact of a CNA’s work cannot be overstated under these circumstances where the warmth, dignity, and responsibility of a CNA will be felt deeply, and the relationship regarded highly.

While there is always honor to be had in a job well done, there are few feelings quite like the satisfaction of helping someone else feel better. CNAs can expect to have a great deal of pride in their work as a result of being a positive force for good when and where people require it the most. Providing care for others is an affirming experience that reminds us to value life’s important moments, cherish our time, and prioritize. It teaches patience, humility, and empathy and rewards the practitioners of these virtues with a fulfilling career in the service of a greater purpose.

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Derek Walborn