Becoming a CNA Offers Rewarding Employee Benefits

Employee benefits sometimes go under the radar when people are looking for a career. It’s easy to look at the salary offered and make a decision based solely on that number. However, savvy job hunters are very familiar with the additional value a job can carry with a robust list of benefits attached to it. Certified nursing assistants are seen as entry level positions in the medical field. However, those working as CNAs can take advantage of the benefits that are offered with the role, thereby saving money that people in other positions with comparable wages would have to spend out of pocket.

Medical expenses can be a serious financial challenge, even for those in good health. Most CNAs are offered medical insurance packages that can not only help employees save money on doctor’s office visits and prescriptions, but can also provide a bit of serenity in your day to day life as accidents tend to happen when they are least expected, and any program that decreases stress is an asset.

Dental and vision plans are also commonly offered to CNAs, which is an additional perk. Dentist and optometrist visits are some of the most often skipped medical appointments as they are costly and many people opt not to pay for preventative or diagnostic care. Instead waiting until a toothache reveals the need for a costly procedure or they find themselves squinting in traffic, CNAs can take advantage of their benefits in order to make these crucial visits more affordable.

Life and disability insurance are also very often part of a CNA’s employee package. While these two benefits are, thankfully, the least commonly used, they afford people a peace of mind that few jobs at a similar level can provide.

An unspoken benefit to working in the medical field is job security. While high paying roles in technology and other business industries are both coveted and profitable, they are subject to the whims of forces outside of your control. Corporations may have to lay off employees after a particularly bad year. The poor decision making of a few high powered individuals may force a company to shut down. Additionally, economic recession and instability can wreak havoc on peoples employment. Thankfully, CNAs are one of few careers that are often deemed “recession proof.” The need for medical staff and services are not at the mercy of shareholders, the stock market, or politics, making for a degree of stability that is unheard of in almost all other fields.

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Derek Walborn