Becoming a CNA Offers a great Starting Salary

As an entry level position in the medical field, certified nursing assistants make, on average, between $24,000 and $32,000 a year, or around $12 to $15 an hour depending on location. Considering the fact that being a CNA requires a certification process and not years of costly tuition, it can be an excellent career choice for those who are considering a more advanced future in medicine and would like to get a feel for the industry. CNAs are also often offered good benefit packages such as medical and dental insurance which is an additional value.

Many CNA positions are flexible and can work within various schedules. Oftentimes shifts are offered at various times of the day and night. Many CNAs take advantage of this flexibility in order to work full time while still furthering their education goals and career aspirations. It is not at all unusual for a CNA to work their shift during the day and take classes at night. Alternatively, some people choose to schedule their work during the nighttime hours. Depending on the type of facility one is working in, help is typically needed at all times of the day, seven days a week leading to a good environment for those who have unorthodox or particularly full schedules.

People who work as CNAs will find their job to be busy, active, and varied. While many CNAs work in hospital settings, they are also needed in retirement communities, daycare centers, nursing homes, rehabilitations centers, clinics, and long term care facilities. This provides an additional degree of flexibility as your certification will allow you to seek employment in a setting that interests you the most and also potentially change facilities if you find your first choice was not the most idea fit or have new goals. The work is more fulfilling and meaningful than a typical day job, and CNAs can be proud that their time is being put towards bettering the lives of others. Working as a CNA provides real world experience that can be an asset when it comes time to seek further or outside employment. Those with experience in medicine are universally well respected as the field carries with it a tremendous degree of responsibility, compassion, and dignity.

Gaining employment as a CNA can not only be a gateway to more advanced work, but also an opportunity to build your resume, earn money, and expand your horizons in a work environment that has positive goals and meaningful purpose.

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Derek Walborn