Are you really safe when you go to the beach?

Swimming seems like such a simple thing. It’s something that most Floridians don’t really give a second thought to. But how do you know when you are at the beach with your family that you are really safe? There are many dangers when going to the beach.

For children, it’s probably a good idea to make sure they know how to swim properly before going into the water. Perhaps try looking up some swimming classes online if you need to. A qualified instructor can ensure that everyone knows how to swim.

Make sure not to leave your children unattended, not even for a short amount of time. Another good idea is to designate a specific area where it is known to be safe for your child to swim. This area should be free from things like dangerous rocks, boating activity, and very deep water. Make sure your child always stays in the designated swimming area. Avoid large waves.

It’s always best not to rely on a flotation device to save your life, even if it is designed for that purpose. Most pool toys are not made to save lives, only for fun for those who already know how to swim.

It’s a good idea to check the news and local weather for the tides and weather forecast  Also, watch out for rip currents, also known as undercurrents or undertow. If it’s going to storm, it’s best to reschedule the outing for another day.

It’s a good idea to have a talk with all family members, and make sure everyone understands what to do in an emergency. You should also familiarize yourself and your family with how to signal for help, and how to recognize another’s signal for help. It’s important to make sure everyone knows CPR, as well. It could save lives. Many mishaps and accidents could be prevented with proper planning.

Also, it is important that people understand the different aquatic wildlife in the area. Many species are poisonous or dangerous to humans.

With so many dangers out there, it’s important to be fully prepared for any emergency or situation that might come up. Hopefully in the future we can all learn to be more cautious when going to the beach.


Kaline Reine

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