How to Tell if Your Baby is Choking

If you are the mother of father of an infant than you spend a great deal of time making sure they are well cared for.  This includes feeding, nurturing and making sure to keep up with routine vaccinations and medical visits.   These things are important but how well prepared are you for the unexpected events?  One such event that many parents do not prepare for is the possibility that one’s baby may choke.  Would you know how to tell if your baby is choking?

As a baby starts to eat more solid food this becomes more and more of a possibility.  This is complicated by the fact that some babies are more vocal than others which can make confusing for parents to know if their baby is really choking.

One of the first signs to look for is coughing.  The coughing will typically last for more than 30 seconds.  This coughing is often accompanied by the baby having breathing problems.  These breathing problems can lead to the baby turning blue and in some cases even losing consciousness.  Here are the obvious signs of choking:

  • Effort in breathing
  • Not breathing for more than a few seconds of time
  • Facial color drastically darkens or turns blue
  • Arms and legs flailing about
  • Crying without noise
  • Unconsciousness

The good news is you can help your baby by making sure they eat foods that are soft and do not have a high possibility of choking but even more importantly is making sure both parents and caretakers know basic infant CPR and first aid.

Many local infant cpr classes are available.  Visit for more information.

Learning infant CPR and first aid is not only easy but inexpensive.  At the end of day it’s not only a good investment of time and money seeing as one cannot put a price on life of a loved one.   Learning CPR with first aid will allow you the time to start life saving techniques that will help keep the infant alive until the paramedics arrive to take over with more life saving requirements.

As parents we spend a great deal of time making sure our little ones are loved and well cared for and it is our responsibility to also ensure their safety.  This safety should also include learning how to tell if your baby is choking and knowing the basic CPR and first aid skills to handle it.


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Troy Bowman
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