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A number of years ago, our neighborhood experienced one of the most horrific of nightmare situations.  Little 5 year old, Shannon, was coming home from Kindergarten one very slippery January day in Pennsylvania.  The bus driver loved the children very much, lived in the neighborhood, and in 22 years of driving bus, had never had an incident.   Today was the day to change lives forever.  Shannon got off the bus at her stop and went around the front of the bus.  When she reached her side of the road, she was joined by her mother.  The bus driver always made certain that children were met by a parent prior to leaving the stop.  All was well, at least it appeared that way.  Shannon dropped a paper and the wind blew it under the bus.  Like so many impulsive children would want to do, she chased the paper..even crawling under the bus to do so.  The bus driver had no idea that Shannon was in any danger and started moving again, only to hear screams from children on the bus saying that she had run over Shannon.  The driver immediately stopped the bus, the mother was screaming, the bus driver was hysterical, neighbors called 911.

We know that Shannon had NO CHANCE for survival as her little tiny body was crushed by that heavy bus. Shannon’s mother was screaming for someone to help her daughter. Mr. Meyers, a good Samaritan neighbor began CPR on little Shannon’s body.  Did he think it would work? Did he think there was hope?  In speaking to Mr. Meyers afterwards, he told me that even though he knew that Shannon was already dead with no hope for survival, he performed CPR for the benefit of the grieving mother.  She desperately needed to know that someone cared.

Here’s what I learned from this experience…CPR is not just for the benefit of the recipient, but also so very important to the family members who want to feel that all is being done to help their loved one.  Don’t just stand and watch…DO  SOMETHING!



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