Rescue Breathing? CPR? I’m confused!!!

I have heard people talk about giving/not giving breaths with CPR and also about “rescue breathing”. I am confused…What is the difference? How do I know what to do?  These are questions often asked at a CPR class, and I would like to clarify it for you.  Maybe even give a SIMPLE answer to take away your fears.

CPR with/without giving breaths is used when the victim is Unresponsive, Not breathing , and has no pulse.  Chest compressions are done and breaths (if given) alternate ..30 compressions then 2 breaths

Rescue breathing is used when an adult, child or infant has a pulse but is not breathing effectively. Rescuers would NOT be doing chest compressions.  For an adult, you would provide one breath every 5 to 6 seconds (a good hearty breath. Watch for the chest to start to rise). For a child, one breath every 3 to 5 seconds (lighter breath…just enough to see the chest START to rise) For an infant, one breath every 3 to 5 seconds (just a puff from your cheeks. Be sure that you are just providing a puff, as an infant’s lungs are very small. Watch for the chest to START to rise and stop)

Did you notice a common number in these rescue breaths?  The number is 5 seconds.  So if you remember the number 5, you can safely provide rescue breaths for an adult, child or infant by providing one SAFE breath every 5 seconds.  IF AN INFANT’S PULSE GOES TO 60 OR LESS, YOU WILL NEED TO SWITCH TO CPR.

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