Extreme Sports leads to a need for Extreme CPR

Josh Garner, Matthew Gibson, and Bert Fox had decided to celebrate their high school graduation together at Josh’s house. His parents were not home so the three teenagers had the house all to themselves. The spirit of fun mixed with alcohol endowed courage led them to try out what Bert liked calling extreme sports.


When Fun went Wrong


The three made it to up the roof of the house and decided to take turns diving off into the Garners’ pool. The boys were a little unsteady as they had already been through a case of beer. Matthew decided to take the first plunge and landed with a big splash into the pool. Bert tried to follow him but slipped on the tiled roof and skid off the edge, landing on the hard concrete by the side of the pool. Josh was still on the roof and couldn’t see what had happened, but it was Matthew’s cries from down below that made him realize something was wrong. Bert had landed on his head.


“He isn’t breathing!”


Matthew went numb. The terrified youngster had no idea what to do and was aghast at the site of his best friend lying on the side of the pool, blood pouring out of the cut on his brow. Josh the oldest of the three came down to find Matthew screaming at the top of his voice for help. Bert wasn’t moving. A wave of panic rushed through Josh as he tried to recall whatever he had ever learnt about first aid. He knelt by Bert and put an ear to his mouth, he couldn’t feel any breath. He couldn’t pick a heartbeat either; Bert Fox had gone into cardiac arrest.


Josh knew it was up to him to save his friend’s life as he thought about CPR. There wasn’t any time to waste. Pinching Bert’s nose and tilting his chin upwards, he blew air into his lungs then pushed down with both hands onto his sternum. Nothing happened. He repeated the process once more. This time Bert coughed and closed his eyes, but he had started breathing again and Josh could feel his heart beating under his ribs.


Timely Savior


An ambulance was called and Bert was hospitalized where he was treated for a fractured skull and a concussion. He had gone through what doctors called a trauma induced cardiac arrest due to his head injury. He was soon discharged and is perfectly healthy now. Josh’s timely and near perfect administration of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation had saved his best friend’s life.



Benjamin Roussey